19 September 2010

fanny's farm & morden hall park

yesterday we went on a little trip to the country (well, just next to the M25 actually).
we went to Fanny's famous Farm shop, which true to it's descriptions, was quite unique!
full to the brim with vintage junk, union Jacks and signs...lots and lots of signs! a bit OTT but still, it was a beautiful place and a really good idea. we were very lucky to have had great weather too.

she keeps a few animals on the farm too, sheep, pigs chickens etc...

i wondered why they were so friendly to me, until i saw this photo...

please don't take the piss out of my new coat, thank you very much.

my favourite part of Fanny's farm was the garden where flowers and veggies grow together happily and beautifully.

some resident dogs wondering around sniffing under tables etc...

Fanny's Farm has no electricity at all, it's run by a generator, so even the cash till is mechanical. The tea room is serving cold food only like cream teas, cakes, and ploughman's lunch. I'd recommend the pasties, although they couldn't heat it up!

from the farm, you can wonder along many footpaths and bridleways, to find a place to nap of course!

a very nice place indeed, and not too far from London either.

on the way home, we stopped at Morden Hall Park. I never knew about it before, it's a real hidden gem, huge park with the river Wandle running through it. It's full of bridges and trees and lots of nature...great place to take your kids. There is a nice cafe too {run by the national trust sadly}.

i found another dream house...

there is also a beautiful old water mill, that apparently used to power a tobacco factory up until 1922.

a junkaholic in sheep's clothing...

a very romantic place indeed, and home to 2000  roses! {so the guide book says anyway}

give me a camera and a duck, and i'm entertained for hours.

so, i'm amazed if you made it to the end of this post! 
I do love London very much, there's more countryside in and around London than there is in the countryside. There's always something to do...but i think we are turning into old fogies by the amount of English Heritage and National Trust property we are visiting these days. we should really go and visit some trendy new art exhibition i suppose....
happy sunday peeps! x


  1. What a grand day out. Good coat, I've got the black version making me look like the black sheep of the family - still, I think I look good x

  2. I dream of Cristina´s farm.... and it should look just like that!

  3. I love the farm and the gardens of the estate house. It looks just lovely and your photos have captured it so beautifully :)

  4. what a lovely day out - such great visiting tips. thanks for sharing. ck :) xps. i know what you mean about ducks!!

  5. Thank you for brightening my Sunday Morning.
    The bit about the sheep coat made me giggle ;D

  6. These photos are heaven. You're a fantastic photographer!

  7. Okay, YOu dont have to tell, but please please, where did you buy your beautiful coat? I am obsessed.... I need one too! lou x

  8. your blog is so beautiful! very inspiring! éva

  9. Ah i love Morden hall park and have always meant to stop by Fannys farm! Defo will now as it looks amazing there!

  10. Anonymous19.9.10

    You have such a lovely blog (read LOVELY!)

    Thanks for all the inspiration! /

    Wilda in Sweden :)

  11. It looks beautiful there, I haven't been to any of the London National Trust Properties it looks beautiful there though. Have you been to Charleston in Lewis? Its my favourite place in the country.

  12. Your coat is very very pretty :)

  13. It looks great!

    I have just moved to London and I am finding your blog a great alternative to the usual shoppping trips and trendy arty farty things that you expect from London.

    Me and my bf love visiting english heritage.

    One place I have been in my short time being here was to Petersham Nurseries. They have a great little shop with lovely (expensive) things, lots of lovely plants and really great tea and cake!

    Please do more lovely things (or take me with you!!).

  14. I have only recently come upon your blog and am loving it. Fantastic photos - and ...great coat!

  15. lorraine uk20.9.10

    Im coming to london in november so keep up with your trips,as much as i like camden and covent garden would love to find somewhere else!!
    Your photos are dreamy, love your style[especially wedding]

  16. ck_dex20.9.10

    Artemis, I agree with other commenters who value these outdoor places and markets you document. Contemporary art has so much coverage already. For your blog, you are doing something really unique.

  17. Ahh you were totally in my neck of the woods! I love Fanny's farm too, we go there rather a lot, my dream is to be able to buy my weekly fresh food from there but alas I'm still living a thrifty lifestyle. I can also claim that I'm related to the wonderful Fanny through marriage and, actually another marriage come to think of it. Get me!! Your photos of the farm are brilliant, I have no doubt you have advertised it so beautifully that visitors will flock to it's doors. Fay x x

  18. Your pictures of the sheep are amazing. I love your photography!

  19. what a beautiful place! And lovely pictures that I can just get lost in. Totally chuckled out loud to see you with the sheep and your coat. Of course they loved you. :)

  20. Fantastic photos as usual Artemis!

    Just wanted to let you know that I've awarded you a Beautiful Blog award on my most recent post. It's up to you if you choose to accept it. My blog address is http://myperspective2.blogspot.com/

    Ky x

  21. Just found your blog whilst bloghopping, what a breath of fresh air - with superb photos. I'm just off to read older posts. By the way, I love your coat!

  22. Great coat! I need one of those here in Norway!

  23. Hi Artemis. I've had a nightmare with my computer over the past month or so and haven't been able to comment on blogs. This is very late, but congratulations on your wedding. The photos were absolutely beautiful, you both looked stunning. It was so nice to see Nao's wedding because he designed our wedding rings 10yrs ago. It has a nice synergy (am I being daft?). Anyway. I love your blog. Aoife xxx

  24. Looks like such a lovely day. That photo of you and the sheep is adorable.

  25. i like your wooly coat: )
    am a little concerned though that elderly man with rucksack looks like my dad and that woman with him does not not like my mum!oh dear!

  26. how lovely!
    Please can you tell me where you got your boots?! I heart them.

  27. So beautiful a bounty. Thank you for this post. So lovely and it's time to concentrate on the fall/winter garden. The sheep! lol oh so cute but I am afraid of them:(

  28. Love your photos, they're amazing!