Down house.

13 September 2010

yesterday, we were the guests of a certain Mr.Darwin. after watching the film 'Creation' last week, what better follow-up than a visit to his house! Gutted that I wasn't allowed to take photos inside the house, of all his bottles and dead finches and such like, that are apparently 'as he left them'. It was all so fascinating and to think what a difference his discoveries have made to the just blows me away. Being of an non-religious disposition, I find that nature is the most magical and powerful, all-knowing thing that could ever exist, and it never ceases to amaze me everyday! mother nature I believe I believe!!

I noticed something slightly strange when walking around the gardens, I found a bright green feather and a HUGE caterpillar, with a big spiky horn and eyes 'painted' on its sides! I did take a photo but it was a bit close and kind of gruesome to put on here! Might put you off your cornflakes.

It seemed that there was a lot more 'life' in that garden than in a normal garden, maybe they were descendants of escaped experiments?

Charles Darwin sounded like a thoroughly nice bloke by all accounts, against racisms, slavery and believed that every person had something to offer humanity. He suffered a lot from illness, and almost didn't publish his life long work, because he didn't want to upset his religious wife.

But, having said that, apparently he thought that wives shouldn't have any ambitions or 'ideas' of there own. Hmm, being a 'wife' not sure I agree with that one Charlie.

Anyway, we had a nice day at your house, reading your notebooks and gawping at your wash basin, generally being a nosey Parker.

nice cream tea too!

we drove past Biggin Hill on the way back, it's an airport for light aircraft.

and ended up at a pub in Peckham. what a lovely day indeedo.

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