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9 September 2010

my word, it's thursday already.
what have i been up to? you may ask. well, it's been a struggle to get back into work mode after all the commotions of last month. Our RUST jewellery shop is distinctly lacking in, urm,...jewellery.

as we are lazy, we are gradually directing our business in such a way that we make less, and earn more. Luckily in the jewellery biz, this is possible by simply changing your materials {i say simple but of course i am being sarcastic}. we are making more diamond jewellery, oh yes indeed sir.

...been photographing them this week...

 a rather splendid rose-cut diamond & platinum neck attire.

and a new carved ring design which has four blank scrolls for inserting stones or words as you please.

and with all this super doper exquisite fine jewelleries, of course we have made a space in our shop where you can sit down and consider your life-long finger adornments in finer detail.

we found this Victorian ring display in the market. It cost us an arm and a leg, but does the job, i'd say, rather well, in fact wouldn't mind one of them rings myself, what, I already have one?! lucky me.

coming up very soon {its being hallmarked at the moment so no piccies} a mighty 5mm diamond ring, with a floral carved band. It can cause blindness if looked at on a sunny day. I think I may want to get married again in order to get my digits on that ring. {to the same fellow of course!}

aside form all that boring work stuff, I did have the beginnings of some weird head cold on Tuesday, so I prescribed myself a day in bed. So, once all those cheesy american 1980s detective series start coming on the telly, its time to do some BED MAKING! and so i set about finishing my photo album.

excuse these rubbish photos, it was difficult to get a good picture, but the paper is very pale grey and the writing is in white ink.

I stuck in LOADS of pictures I'd printed out on our printer and decorated the pages a bit. then sandwiched each page with a sheet of tracing paper.

I almost can't wait to be 85 and pointing out with my gnarly old bony finger "that was me y'know"

aren't real pictures great? there's something special about browsing through a photo album, it's just not the same to keep a memory stick is it?

the fabulous Cristina took these ones.

This lovely old piece of cross stitch came my way this week too. As far as i can make out, it looks like two old ladies fishing, and between them sits two cats hugging. Which is pretty damn funny considering who sent it to me. I am now thinking that I have found some kind of virtual twin in the bloggersphere, it could indeed be the makings of a film, I'm thinking Judi Dench could play me {I used to have the same hair cut as her for most of my 20s, and we are about the same height}. Many thanks to the vicarage X

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