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30 September 2010

well well, some more changes have been afoot on the junkaholic site! During my blog browsing, i discovered
about 8 other blogs using the same background as me, and so i decided to change, once more, the look of this blog! However, I just spent hours trying to restore some kind of template and now my eyes have gone funny! What a twit I am.
So, apart from that, I thought I'd show you some of the things i have been working on this week. Nao and I have been making jewellery for quite some years now, and although I must have taken about 100,000 photos of jewellery, we had until yesterday never taken pictures of our jewellery on a human. So I thought I'd give it a go, and guess who that human was? hmm.... again, I felt like a right twit taking pictures of myself, but as yet we can't afford a model.
These are first ones!
I wore mostly vintage clothes, not that you can really see them in these pictures!

sorry this post has gone all squew-wiff, I am not liking this new blogger uploading and templates stuff at all, it is taking me hours rather than minutes! Booooo!!

well, these will do for now! I'd better get a bit of kip now...I have been up all night on the compooter and my eyes are like the snake from the jungle book.

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