wedding pressies {you naughty bunch}

22 August 2010

here are a few things I wanted to post about for a few days now, but i have been having slight PROBLEMS with our internet connection in our flat. I just threw a wobbly throwing my stupid dongle or what ever its called, on the ground yelling 'it's f****** s***' {pardon my french} and then looking a bit sheepish, dashing over to make sure the light still comes on.

I distinctly requested no presents on our wedding invitations, however, once parcels start arriving through our letter box i get as giddy as a kid at Christmas!
this first one is from a friend of ours who is a jewellery maker and shop owner. you must check out her shop shelf, it's shop perfection!
just look at this beautiful typed letter wrapping...

and inside, our enamelled initials!

and as if that wasn't enough, on return to our workshop after the wedding, i spied two parcels on my desk. what on earth? i thought. how simply lovely to receive wedding pressies from bloggy friends!
We are both really touched and it was such a nice surprise on our rather gloomy return back to work!

we received a gorgeous tea cup candle, handmade by Lisa of ME OLD CHINA.

I'm amazed at the stamped card and tag! stitched with Liberty fabric...what else!?

I know this is meant for the two of us, but, I love the way it looks in my shed!
also, ironically, it is fig flavoured, my fav! i also treated myself to some wedding day perfume, fig scent by Diptyique.

thank you so much Lisa! X

On the same day, we also received a parcel all the way from Australia. Kim from shipbuilding blog, and fellow weaver (although a million times ahead of me!!) sent this beautiful linen tea towel, plus, a paper crane!
All wrapped up in this bundle of joy...

this is such a precious piece of cloth, WAY too good to dry the dishes. Once I've ironed it {sorry Kim i should have ironed it before photographing!} I'll put it up somewhere on the wall.

but it very much suits our dresser me thinks!

thank you so much Kim! X
stunning work! and such a kind thought and we loved the letters and cards that came with too.
I love blog land : )

this kind of qualifies as a wedding present i reckon. Our mostly dead twig {aka plum tree} produced this one plum, a solitary plum hanging on for desperate life all this time.
we came home from wedding and had much pleasure in gobbling it up in one bite {each}.

it looks rather unassuming {and out of focus}, however...

the flavour was like all the plums had become one plum, because the flavour was something i cannot even put into words. PLUMTASTIC may do?. i guess that poor plum twig just thought "I'll just make one plum this year as no bloody humans ever bother to water me, but it will be a concentrated version just to show what they are missing!"

also I forgot to mention before, but I did start making these paper chains from old book pages. We didn't use them in the end {Nao trod on this one then I just ran out of making steam} but could be a nice idea for some other occasion maybe?

so that's a bit of catching up for now.
I'd like to thank everyone for their lovely comments about our wedding too! It makes the day feel even more important as I know more people will see our wedding via the web, than were actually there {by a few thousand in fact!} so we both feel pretty lucky that all you kind people were so excited about seeing the photos. its simply fantastic in fact!
I'm sure I'll have a few more thoughts on the subject to post in my next instalment...

many thanks to all readers of junkaholic XXX

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