19 August 2010

wedding invitations and other making!

These are our wedding invitations! all handmade by me and Nao. They are drawn by me and then printed onto tracing paper. Then sewn onto pre-painted watercolour card with gold thread. They have little stands on the back to prop them up!

we made every single colour imaginable so no two are the same.

each came with instruction leaflet with map and all.

I also made these wedding programs so that people would know what to expect during the day. They are printed onto re-cycled brown paper.

these flags were so easy to make and were very useful for flower pots and vases, we also made some for cheese with all the different types, but we never used these in the end : (

for confetti, we made re-used (from Liberty!) tissue paper, and scraps of fabric sewn up with gold thread and printed in gold ink.

and in a similar way, these cotton pouches, made with an old linen sheet and fabric scraps, contain a little pressie made by Nao (via RUST jewellery!) each came with a different Latin word and stamped our initials on the back. the hallmark is also a way to show the date and the maker of that the piece.

they came with a soft suede ribbon in many colours!

and of course, there was bunting, bunting and MORE bunting!! all by me from my little sewing shed.

we tried it out in our garden, with a blackboard we found in the market...

I really enjoyed the making side of the wedding and also how nice it is to work on little creative projects with Nao on the weekend in the sun!

next, I'll show you my journey to make my dress and headdress for the wedding


  1. These are beautiful, if you're not careful you'll soon have another career making wedding invites.

  2. The little necklaces are a beautiful idea - in fact the whole flippin' wedding is just amazing - I'm running out of words!

  3. i too think you have another career here!

    kt x

  4. The care and attention to detail you have taken with everything is exquisite.

  5. I will have to express my total and complete astonishment and fascination of your creativity - You might just have yourself a future customer, just need to find someone willing to get me that ring ;D

  6. So beautiful and creative HUGE congratulations to you both x

  7. Creativity matters a lot when it comes to wedding invitations, everyone wants to have something unique for this purpose so that their wedding can be remembered for a long time but not everyone is good at producing such nice cards, help is always needed.