27 August 2010

wall views

some views from the flat today.
"who lives in house like this?"
...er,...some sleepy ones...

we are waiting to go away for our honeymoon camping expedition, but it has turned cold and rainy.
O hum.
look at these nice stamps, aren't they lovely! we always save the best stamps for special people...

hope you all have relaxing weekends across the ol'globe! X


  1. kotukuatokarito.blogspot.com27.8.10

    Kia ora Artemis
    from the other side of the globe!
    It is raining here today as well! not really weather for tenting! unless you were a duck!!my partener has just checked the rain guage...33 mils in the last 24 hours!! but we do live in a rain forest so no need to complain too much!
    Thank you always for your beautiful blog it is truely magical!
    Edwina x

  2. So, totally a different subject, but only a day or two after your vintage finds a few weeks ago - the one with the sewing box that extended out on either side and a woven picnic basket - I went to my favorite vintage shop and found the EXACT same two items! I bought the picnic basket ($18 usd! not bad, and in perfect condition!) but they wouldn't sell me the sewing box, it was store display to hold all the bits and bobs. I had to laugh, however, having the same scenario as you :)

  3. it's raining in Australia too so no camping here either...that little accordion is truly lovely.

  4. love those stamps! I don't know if I'd be able to use them...

  5. you little corner of the internet is absolutely beautiful...peaceful. I love dropping in an exploring. Your wedding story is also amazing.