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23 August 2010

a bit more blog catchin up I'm afraid!
...a couple of days before our wedding, there happened to be the Ventnor Carnival. I bet you all have a carnival like this in all your towns and villages across the world too, I just love'em! I absolutely love to see everyone dressed up, especially kids and dogs. This year was a good'n out of all of the Isle of Wight town carnival, I think Ventnor has the even has another one at night that's all illuminated {although it just an excuse for the adults to get drunk and fall into the see}.
here are a few snaps to give you the idea of what its like...

...there's alot of waiting before the procession can actually begin!

I love this kids udders.

 and a number 38 routemaster strangely appeared in the carpark next to my Mum's flat, we were wondering how or why it was there, until...

ahhh, I seeeeeee!

I like the way the bus still has all the westend show posters and adverts in place, even the destination goes right by our workshop in London, BIZARRE.

this kid had some attitude, so just right that he was dressed up as some kind of rabid devil creature.

my fave, is also the marching bands.

these nun's were sing and doing the most physical dance routine I've EVER seen!

I only just about got this pic, but check out the dog in the vicars outfit!! with dog collar of course! at this point I could have fainted laughing.

a no nonsense Shrek.

this float was quite a coincidence!

but above all, my favourite thing was watching kids, watching the carnival, just look at this pair!...

that little sheriff then continued to shoot the entire marching band ONE.BY.ONE. worrying but slightly hysterical.

I heartily advise you visit Ventnor during carnival week, it's good Ol'fashion fun. {well I think so anyway}.

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