1 August 2010

stamps & silks & and a under achieving tree

Not exactly a new addition, but i found a few things in our workshop whilst looking for something else!
I brought them to my shed to see if they could be something...
These old stamps are beautiful, and although I am certainly not a Royalist, I do like a stamp or two!

especially these Victorian ones with handwriting all over them...amazing colours, a very Grecian looking queen too!

also in my rummaging, i found these, which we bought from a market a while back. They are cigarette silks, which used to be given away free inside a packet... you wouldn't find anything as wonderful as these inside a modern packet of fags now would you? {a good thing too, I should add}.

I spent a while looking at them and thought of squillions of different way of using them or making them into something, but in the end, I thought they look best just in a frame as they are!

which I have yet to do...

and this is my latest tin, for my tin and basket museum that I seem to be the curator of, in my shed!

lastly, our little plum tree, which last year and the year before yealded no less than 40 plums! This year it has only managed one. I think this is due to it's over baring branches snapping off due to weighty plums, leaving just one twig. I am watching this fruit with curiosity weather it will ripen in time for our wedding and make a nice centre piece for the fruit bowl, what d'you think? I should start taking bets shouldn't I?


speaking of weddings, I'm going to do another wedding post, straight after this one! just two weeks to go y'know!!


  1. No pressure then, little plum! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

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  3. That is one gorgeous tin!

    My plum trees have been rubbish this year too. I think it was too hot too early in the growing season and not enough rain...?! There are also quite a few brown spots on their leaves which makes me feel rather glum. But I await the ripening of your sole plum, it's done so well to make it this far!