29 August 2010

saffron walden

ah, how nice it is to have a long weekend eh? {sorry i know it might not be a bank holiday monday everywhere!}
Nao and I decided we need to do a bit of work on our flat as it looks like a bomb hit it. This calls for a trip to B&Q for some paint and a trip to our workshop to drop off all the stuff we used for the wedding that has been congesting our hallway since we got back. This means hiring a car, so therefore, going to Old Kent road and Hatton Garden via Saffron Walden!! naturally.

I heard about this place ages ago and as we felt the need for a day excursion, we hopped in the car and next we were there in the land of tiny, wonky, colourful, gnome houses.
They look like something out of a Disney cartoon, but these are actually what all us Brits were living in {unless we were too poor and lived in a mud hut or something worse that is}, in 1400s

that bookshop at the top, is actually enormous and was Oliver Cromwell's HQ, bloody amazing eh!

I mean, come on, just look at this ridiculously cute house...


...that actual real people live in these ickle old housies!

with wifi, plasma tv, microwaves, washer/dryers and all the other modern day gumpf, its just bonkers isn't it, and what a strange juxtaposition. I wonder what Oliver Crom and his mates would have thought of it.

we wondered about a bit gawping at all the buildings until it was time to drive back to london.
Before we went back we just went to check out another des-res.

a Jacobean mansion. a little above our budget but, still not bad, i suppose i could live there if i had too.

we were too late to see inside Audley End House, but we'll do that another day.

So then back to Londinium and workshop drop off and then to B&Q and then back to our minuscule flat!
and the paint?...we are going to paint all our furniture today! {hopefully if i can get out of bed that is}.


  1. I just love it when you put up photos like these. I live in Australia and haven't travelled, so this is a great way to see the world. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.
    Just love those cute houses. And all the green. Gorgeous!

  2. Saffron Waldon is great. One of the reasons I love this country is for lovely little gems like this place.

  3. Gorgeous! I have never been there, but I will put that on my ever growing list of places to visit. Please come and visit my blog as I have on it this week similar houses from the village I live in in Sweden and one door in particular which is just so beautiful.

  4. Mmm, where are those actual, real people then? - I don't see any in your photos, no I think the houses are ceramic ornaments and the doors don't open.

  5. This is the stuff my dreams are made of frankly. Here in Canada, we have an amazing amount of natural beauty, but lack the history-infused richness of dear old Blighty. I hope to visit England some day and see it first hand!

    Thank you for allowing us to see things through your eyes. What a treat!

  6. So pretty, it looks like a miniature village.

  7. Saffron Walden is my home town!! I live in London at the moment but grew up in a little village just outside Saffron Walden.

    If you go again I recommend having lunch in CuCu (not sure of the spelling but it's in the centre of town)- it sells yumcious salady type food and makes amazing cakes including massive slices of millionaire shortbread.

    Love seeing these pics on your blog!

  8. i agree with Ky- you haven't got colours like those in aus!
    and the pattern of bricks on the side of the pink house- so cool

  9. As if I wasn't missing Blighty already, I am double now!

    Lovely pics, thanks for sharing

  10. Hi there, I am in New Zealand and follow Lisa Leonard's blog. One of her commenters recommended your jewellery site and your blog.
    I really love your blog and your photos are gorgeous! We have very similar tastes in things we like to photograph.
    I am a passionate gardener and dabble in mixed media creations. I am a beautiful everything addict and love EVERYTHING that sparkles.
    Please feel free to have a look at my blog www.artforheart.typepad.com. Smiles from the other side of the world!

  11. How quaint! And charming! I so want to visit.


  12. What a beautiful day trip! Everything looks so lovely. Love those houses.

  13. Eep! You went to Saffron Walden? That's where I lived until two weeks ago (we sold our beautiful little cottage and moved out on 18th of August). I lived in a little row of thatched farm workers' cottages just a couple of miles south of there and we were always rooting around the junk shops most weekends (as well as doing boring everyday stuff like supermarkets!) :-) I'm glad you enjoyed it and had a good rummage around the town. Because the buildings are mostly listed, there is a strict selection of a few colours that you are allowed to paint your house in. We nearly bought one just near Lankester Antiques that was a lovely rich blue - but the house was a bit small for us! Audley End is beautiful too - a lovely place for a picnic. I have some pictures and stuff on my blog of our old house. But we live in Wales now!

  14. oooo I love your blog and things you and Nao do. I was so surprised to see that you had been round my town this weekend ! I live just over the road in the village from Audley End House (cottages that were once lived in by workers on the estate). I love the wonkiness of Saffron Walden. I am glad you had a nice time. Also, whilst I'm here, thank you for keeping us all updated with what you do - I loved seeing your wedding (just what I'd like) and house. Hopefully will come to the shop soon !