saffron walden

29 August 2010

ah, how nice it is to have a long weekend eh? {sorry i know it might not be a bank holiday monday everywhere!}
Nao and I decided we need to do a bit of work on our flat as it looks like a bomb hit it. This calls for a trip to B&Q for some paint and a trip to our workshop to drop off all the stuff we used for the wedding that has been congesting our hallway since we got back. This means hiring a car, so therefore, going to Old Kent road and Hatton Garden via Saffron Walden!! naturally.

I heard about this place ages ago and as we felt the need for a day excursion, we hopped in the car and next we were there in the land of tiny, wonky, colourful, gnome houses.
They look like something out of a Disney cartoon, but these are actually what all us Brits were living in {unless we were too poor and lived in a mud hut or something worse that is}, in 1400s

that bookshop at the top, is actually enormous and was Oliver Cromwell's HQ, bloody amazing eh!

I mean, come on, just look at this ridiculously cute house...


...that actual real people live in these ickle old housies!

with wifi, plasma tv, microwaves, washer/dryers and all the other modern day gumpf, its just bonkers isn't it, and what a strange juxtaposition. I wonder what Oliver Crom and his mates would have thought of it.

we wondered about a bit gawping at all the buildings until it was time to drive back to london.
Before we went back we just went to check out another des-res.

a Jacobean mansion. a little above our budget but, still not bad, i suppose i could live there if i had too.

we were too late to see inside Audley End House, but we'll do that another day.

So then back to Londinium and workshop drop off and then to B&Q and then back to our minuscule flat!
and the paint?...we are going to paint all our furniture today! {hopefully if i can get out of bed that is}.

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