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4 August 2010

{9ct gold & pearl ring £85}

I've been taking some new photos of some of new items {and old items} to {hopefully!} upload onto our online shop, but as yet I have only got this far! I will try and get them all available online, by the end of Friday.
These were meant to be our summer collection {oOops} But what with everything going on this year, they never made it to the internet, so they will have to be part of our autumn collection instead!
Never mind, better late than never I say.

{silver locket with silk bow £70}

{pearl ring in silver or 9ct gold from £127}

{hand engraved silver heart signet ring £175}

{9ct, silver & pearl 'lily of the valley' earrings £160}

{silver rose on Liberty print necklace £78}

{9ct rose gold & onyx necklace £219}

{silver rose & Liberty print bracelet £65}

{hand carved silver bangle £195}

{vintage silver fish & pearl long necklace £140}

{beaded heart long necklace with silk bow £140}

So, other news is, that everyday now I have been checking the long range weather forecasts for our wedding day, and all is good so far! Of course I know the relaibility of forecast is anything but set in stone, but fingers crossed eh! {and yes I'm touching wood as I'm writing this!!!}

{9ct gold & pearl brooch £325}

*market tomorrow!*


  1. Photos are stunning as usual. Your junkaholic finds are perfect! What camera do you use? I need to start saving for a SLR me thinks!!

  2. These photos are beautiful! What an ingenious way to display this gorgeous jewelry!

    xo Erin

  3. Oh be still my acquisitive little heart! Adore the styling too!

  4. Beautiful jewellery and photos, the shells and manuscripts are amazing styling, like a little story, beautiful!

  5. looks like such nice stuff. ck :) x

  6. Anonymous4.8.10

    Exquisite…. !

  7. Which Market are you going to? I love markets.

  8. The pearl rings are gorgeous.

  9. Beautiful, just beautiful. Better late than never! Crossing fingers for good weather.

  10. Amazing! Love the beaded heart necklace. It's on my wish list already!

  11. I love the locket!

  12. Dear Artemis,
    there are so many beauties hiding in your shop that I'm smitten every time I see them. They're so not your regular blinky stuff! I'm definitely coming to see them all as soon as I'm in London (oh, London, hope I'll make it this year!)
    Warmest greetings from Germany

  13. Anonymous17.11.10

    hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o:


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