7 August 2010

a right Royal birthday...

Her Majesty turned 4 yesterday, and like any cat lover would do, I put my wedding aside, and prioritised the making of a present.

a mouse! that she can pretend to slaughter again and again and again, and thus making her feel as sense of achievement and thus staying a healthy minded cat. {well, that's the plan anyway}

you can see a lot of love went into this rodent creation, just so that Plimsoll can rip its guts out.

so far so good, cat like stealth hunting tactics are instantaneous.

so it was a big hit, and i can go back to more important things, like, er, drinking beer and, er eating!

...although I'm sure it will end up like the last mouse we bought her...

I did make something for myself too actually. A small quilted pouch, for my wedding jewellery of course! {jewellery that, I have yet to make}


  1. You should start a little catnip business. This looks awesome. My Bilbo the cat would love it!

  2. That's got to be the best designer cat toy ever! Love the fabric and ace photos too. You are too clever!

  3. Like your liberty cat collar - I would totally buy one of these for Claude! Much more stylish than our current 'mouse on a rod' toy! X

  4. That is excellent, and to think you then made a jewelly pouch for your wedding! very talented, i thoroughly enjoyed your blog!!

  5. Happy Birthday Plimsoll!

  6. Too cute! (Though I now feel bad that we don't celebrate our cats' birthdays!!)

  7. I bet Plimsoll is happy! Your little pouch is lovely too!

  8. This is so clever + crafty, my cat would adore this!

  9. I love the cat toy - my magical Merlin would love one of those too!

  10. Hi there! I'm an editor at ReadyMade Magazine (readymade.com) and we fell in love with this cat toy project! We wanted to see if you'd like to work with us for our pet project feature...please shoot me an email at alexa.fornoff@meredith.com and we can chat!

    Thanks again,



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