19 August 2010

post wedding boat trip and swimming, hooray!

The day after the wedding {and after all the packing up etc...} my brother Dan took us all on a boat trip off the coast of where my mum lives...Ventnor, Isle of Wight.
You too can go on this trip, see OceanBlue charter page here.

it was excellent fun trying to steer it!

they pulled up a lobster pot and showed us some crunchy critters.

I liked this one, but apparently he was just bait : (

the day after that the weather was beautiful, at last.
we went to one of our favourite spots on the Island, Steephill Cove.

there is no road access, but you can walk through the botanical gardens, oh what a chore eh!

and through little tunnels to get to the {bloody amazing} cafe

and this...

can you spot me?

i suppose this will have to do as our honeymoon until the weather gets better, then we can go CAMPING!!


  1. how did i miss going there.... oh well, we went to st helens instead... but i guess we shall return for the lobster ;-)))xxxx

  2. Oh your photos are so wonderful!
    I love the colouring and everything about them. How beautiful!

  3. looks great! We stayed in St Lawrence for our holiday this year and I'm still dreaming about the crab pasties at steephill cove.

  4. I just found your blog (and immediately fell in love) via 100layercake. I love your photography, your shots are fantastic! I also adore your hat - did you buy it or is there a knitting pattern for it?