THE most beautiful wedding present!

6 August 2010

I received a post office card yesterday to collect a parcel at their depot. Oh hum I thought i know what that is {I was expecting something very dull in the post} so off I trudged to the post office to collected, only when, the man at the hatch handed it over, it was not at all what i was expecting! Oh no, it was the most beautifully decorated little brown box I'd EVER seen! With this lovely lady smiling at me. I thought this can be from only one person, a blog friend from Holland! do you remember this parcel she sent me here, dear Pam from More tea vicar?!

I held it in my sweaty paws all the way to work on the bus, as it was addressed to me AND Nao, i thought we should open it together. Only when I finally got to work, he wasn't there, but i couldn't wait any longer! So I prised it open {carefully dissecting with a scalpel so as not to damage any of the lovely old photos, which are now adorning our wedding ring collection in the shop!} and found a beautiful waft of lavender arriving at my nose! some tiny paper bunting made of music papers wrapped around a little {hand painted, yes that's right!} tissue paper bundle! And this was the card...

just look at that miniature little flower, arrhhh!!
and a stunning illustration made with real flower petals for its wings...

I think its a crane fly? so beautifully done, clearly a very talented lady we have here!

wrapped up in a vintage hanky (my something blue is sorted, great!!)
Look what was inside...

two little forks! So absolutely perfectly us! Thank you soo much we love them to bits!
We can eat our wedding cake with these from the plate you sent us too. I think these little things will make the day just that little bit more special, because its not just any plate and not just any forks, but special ones, all the way from Holland!

not even stopping there, I realised they were also wrapped up in a vintage dress pattern, GENIUS!

I think this will come in handy...

Thank you Pam we are so grateful for such a lovely present.
I felt so happy I wanted to wear the bunting!!

a stranger has been most generous to us and that makes me feel really good about the world!

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