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1 August 2010

I woke up today thinking there was not much weddingy stuff to do this weekend, however, whilst thoughts whirled about in my pea brain, I decided that we needed MORE bunting, that 2 and a half kilometres was not sufficient. So, I set about chopping up an old linen sheet that i bought at a car boot for 10p!
Nao did a great job re-painting this blackboard that we found in the market, and I couldn't wait to attack it with the chalk. This is just a practice idea, and not what we are actually going to have on there, but it was good fun anyway!

...and when we saw the two come together, we got all excited about how it's going to look!

I made then, another two strings of bunting and hung them up in the meadow, just to see of course!

then, after a cup of tea and a brazil nut biscuit, we sat admiring what we had done and our minds wandered about how our wedding is going to be and I began thinking if we had quite enough bunting yet? 

Tonight we are going to compile our wedding tunes! a big job me thinks...time to get out me ol'CD collection, ...uh oh, plug your ears!!!

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