19 August 2010

making my wedding attire...

I had a lot of trouble deciding what to wear on my head for the wedding.
I began experimenting by pinning ideas to my mannequin head!

I went for the tear-drop and circular sin-may base with a coating of vintage satin.

they looked good on the head, but didn't seem to suit me, or i felt like I was off to Ascot!

I liked the combination of gold sequins {I'm a mahoosive fan for sequins y'know} so I made up a little headband using hat elastic, gold motif {75p from fleabay} and some felt on the back.

my idea was to wear my hear down and tuck it in a bit to the elastic so's you don't see it, got it?


next job was to re-work a 1930s dress I already had stashed away for cutting up.

I detached the skirt from the bodice, removed the arms and the cotton lining, took in the sides and altered the neckline, added some straps and about a million poppers...then rejoined it to the skirt. I also added a little ribbon loop inside the skirt so i could hook it over my finger to stop it dragging in the dirt {this happened anyway after a few glasses of fiz}.

around the bum area, some clever soul {90 odd years ago} hand smocked the dress giving it a lovely 1930s shape!

these were are few other options!

I almost wore this one, but I feel that it would suit someone taller better!

I might try and add a few more photos of other dresses and hats when i find them!


  1. brilliant! not 1 or two but up to 4!!! you did have all angles covered!!! you are amazing ;-)

  2. I absolutely love this dress. You did a wonderful job. I love someone who knows their own style.

    Actually, I love everything about your wedding :) It looks like it was absolutely lovely.

  3. Genius, simply genius!

  4. so gorgeous! love the vintage 30s dress

  5. gorgeous great collections <3

  6. you are so damn clever. LOVE your style girl. i'm in the middle of working something for my own head for the big day. for the white leaf version you made, did you just spraypaint some silk ivy leaves?

  7. Hi Fraulein,

    Those are actually vintage silk velvet leaves that i bought on ebay from the US, but they were made in Japan.

    good luck with your planning! X

  8. I was just looking through your making history. You have created some incredible things. I want to invest in a new sewing machine. What model do you use?
    That last dress is absolutely gorgeous, i wish i could find something like that!

    love your blog x