6 August 2010

well, I've got so much to blog about that I don't know where to start!
I may need to do two posts today just to fit it all in : )
First off, yesterday was market day so we went to Spitalfields market. It's fairly pricey there I have to say, but it happens to be not too far from our shop, so a sneaky trip there on the way to work has become a bit of a custom! We were on the lookout for some last minute wedding decorations (like we don't have enough already!) especially candlesticks. I found some rather fine lace doilies that might be nice for covering jugs or something? Oh, and these lovely bird printed napkins (set of 5) which have some watery stains on them that I am hoping will wash out!

and, look i found one at last!! Been looking for one like this ever since I saw an advert for one in a 1960s 'Golden Hands' magazine!

inside is stuffed with goodies too, which I'm thinking to sell on the bucket tree and try and re-coup some of the cost of the box itself, good plan, no?


Hercules! I love how in the old days we were obsessed with dress fastenings being as strong as the Forth bridge etc...

...like they are going to come under some incredible force...

my Gran gave me one like this when I was little {it vanished along with all my other belongings from childhood, where did they all go??} I might use it for trips to the Isle of Wight.

...and, a beautiful little coin purse from the 1920s, with a ZILLION compartments, for the bucket tree perhaps.

and these 1950s glass dice earrings, class.

not from the market, but from Fleabay instead, this amazing wooden windmill. You turn the sails to wind it up, and it plays a lovely song as the sails go round, that makes me feel instantly sleepy (which is not too difficult i admit)
This ones a keeper, although I have nowhere to keep it, so it is living on top of a jewellery cabinet in our shop for now!

we found some hilarious objects to decorate our wedding, and some music too!!

...lots more to tell you in my next post, including, the most beautiful wedding present IN THE WORLD!

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