behind the wedding scenes

24 August 2010

ah, how lovely it is to peruse through all our photos, now that all the hard work is done!
i thought I'd inflict them on you too...
these are of Nao and me setting up the marquees in gale force winds, amazingly the tent stayed put during the night, but i did have panic attacks that we'd all turn up for the party, only to find an empty field.

luckily my mum had a large stash of antique table cloths, and as we don't like too much frillyness, we added some jute as well {although I've recently discovered that this is a common touch at weddings these days!}
I just thought it was cheap and i like the smell of it.

we joined two marquees together, only as we later paid the price for this when it rained, there was a curtain of water cascading down the middle! it was fun for the kids though maybe.

i had to clip the table cloths in place over night, but i think i forgot to take these off for the party, oops.

also, we laid anything heavy on the tables so they would not lift off in the wind.

we made up a food table to put out all the salads and such, but sadly we never used it and the food never got eaten at the party as we were all pretty stuffed from the lunch.

just to prove it, we did actually get ready in the tent, i hung up our ironed outfits on the central pole.

our flowers, my favourite flower in there was actually the deep purple clematis.

we were lucky to have lots of entertaining kids at the wedding, these two brothers, Nancy and a little baby Leon, kept us all smiling when it began to rain...

the leak...

that top hat did the rounds...

{photo by julia kho}

{photo by julia kho}

it did get rather chilly in the evening, I'm grateful that everyone put a brave face on {or maybe it was the alcohol}

i love this photo, it looks like we are on a film set!

{photo by julia kho}

lots of things went wrong during our wedding day, but at the end, all i remember was enjoying every my advice to all those planning a wedding is...don't take it too seriously and just enjoy!!!

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