3 August 2010

this amazing plant in our workshop, was a present from our friend Madeleine. It's offspring from her huge mighty plant in her home, and it has already doubled in size! Not only that but is producing more and more flowers on a daily basis...beautiful it is!!

It has made friends with a neighbouring fern and I think they are having a growing compitition with each other.
This plant is a type of Begonia, but the flowers I have never seen the like before and they kind of mesmerise me every morning when I get in. They are quite alien looking, which I love...a bit like an Aqualegia. The colour is much brighter in real life.
Madeleine makes THE most beautiful chandeliers from found objects like tea cups and jelly moulds {one of which we have hanging in our RUST Tokyo shop!}, and she has a blog too called Blogesteix which I heartily recommend! Look out for her cat Otis, he likes it shaken but not will see what I mean when you see a photo of him!!

Also this week AND last week I have mostly been doing this...

for the Bucket Tree, I really hope they all get to their destinations ok, I worry about every single parcel I send! I know what postmen {and woman} are like, and I hope that people like what they receive too!

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