tidy garden and some wedding philosophizing

27 July 2010

Nao did such a great job tiding up our garden on the weekend, I had to show you!
Before there were huge weeds growing everywhere and if you sat down long enough you too would be entwined with weeds. All our plants turned brown and leaves dropped off...because, we'd taking our hose pipe to work to water the plants there instead! But Nao tidied them all up and now I love it out there and it feels twice as big!

We even put up a few fairy lights and had a dinner out there with some friends, and, i actually COOKED something! wow, wonders will never cease!

you can see the meadow through the doorway in the photo...our little slice of heaven!

a gratuitous cat shot...

So, I am still working on the new blog layout, I drew the banner yesterday and spend a wee while how to work out uploading it with a transparent background, but now I get it! Duh, stoopid.

Wedding stuff is strangely going to plan (fatal last words I know!) but then we do always have the weather to content with. 

We have decided to buy all our flowers from the market in London then take them to the venues ourselves! people keep asking me 'what colours are you having?' and 'what flowers are you going to have?' both these questions I find quite odd, because if I go to buy flowers for our house, i never know what I'm going to come back with, indeed I don't know what flowers the florist will even have!

I suppose 'random' is the theme of our wedding if there really has to be a theme that is. I'm scared of co-ordinated colour schemes and napkins that match the bouquet that match the brides shoes etc etc... I'm just not that type of gal, and in fact I'm suddenly aware that, with nearly all my relative divorced, my wedding day was not something I've been planning since the year dot.

All I want is to have a bit of a laugh and a good old knees-up!! and I'm so proud of us both for making all the decorations ourselves...even if they don't match!

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