27 July 2010

tidy garden and some wedding philosophizing

Nao did such a great job tiding up our garden on the weekend, I had to show you!
Before there were huge weeds growing everywhere and if you sat down long enough you too would be entwined with weeds. All our plants turned brown and leaves dropped off...because, we'd taking our hose pipe to work to water the plants there instead! But Nao tidied them all up and now I love it out there and it feels twice as big!

We even put up a few fairy lights and had a dinner out there with some friends, and, i actually COOKED something! wow, wonders will never cease!

you can see the meadow through the doorway in the photo...our little slice of heaven!

a gratuitous cat shot...

So, I am still working on the new blog layout, I drew the banner yesterday and spend a wee while how to work out uploading it with a transparent background, but now I get it! Duh, stoopid.

Wedding stuff is strangely going to plan (fatal last words I know!) but then we do always have the weather to content with. 

We have decided to buy all our flowers from the market in London then take them to the venues ourselves! people keep asking me 'what colours are you having?' and 'what flowers are you going to have?' both these questions I find quite odd, because if I go to buy flowers for our house, i never know what I'm going to come back with, indeed I don't know what flowers the florist will even have!

I suppose 'random' is the theme of our wedding if there really has to be a theme that is. I'm scared of co-ordinated colour schemes and napkins that match the bouquet that match the brides shoes etc etc... I'm just not that type of gal, and in fact I'm suddenly aware that, with nearly all my relative divorced, my wedding day was not something I've been planning since the year dot.

All I want is to have a bit of a laugh and a good old knees-up!! and I'm so proud of us both for making all the decorations ourselves...even if they don't match!


  1. I think your new background is gorgeous and totaly suits your blog. I just dont think your photos stand out as well. Some of the images seem darker and as I am looking forward to your wedidng photos I hope they arent e/affected. Sorry I know you didnt ask for any feedback... Enjoy the wedding plans. Almost as special as the wedding I think.

  2. The garden looks amazing, so peaceful and cosy, especially with the lights, well done Nao. Def think you are wise to be relaxed about the flowers, part of the joy is the randomness, you never know quite what the florist will have and it is lovely to be able to go with whatever takes your fancy when you are at the market choosing rather than being disappointed by having your heart set on something they end up not having. All flowers are beautiful anyway!

  3. I find the 'what are your colours' question so strange, the idea of picking just one colour and matching everything to it makes me feel a little ill - anyway glad to hear the planning is going well! Enjoy these last few weeks!

  4. I always look forward to reading your blog, makes me smile ;) but I have to say I don't like the new background that much as your pictures are beautiful and inspiring and they get lost on it, love the new banner you doodled though, hope you don't mind me saying :)
    Your wedding is going to look fab!

  5. I'm so glad to hear there are others on the same wav length about the wedding stuff!

    Sorry to anyone who's not liking the new layout much...I guess you can't please all the people all of the time! I will try and make the photos lighter and the writing bolder in future, maybe that will help a bit?

  6. I've tried writing this comment 3 times now, i'm doing something wrong (i'm new to this blogging life, hohum). I love the new look. I think it sums up your blog perfectly, and that's what is important. As long as you love it! I like how 'earthy' it looks. Anyhoo, looking forward to seeing the wedding pics, hurrah for non wedding-obsessed women! x

  7. you go girl regarding the decorating. it is YOUR and YOUR FIANCE'S party!

  8. I'm with you all the way on relaxed, informal weddings - ultimately the dress and flowers are not what it's all about!

  9. CatlovesLily27.7.10

    I just love your blog! I wanted to ask what was the outcome of the shed of the year competition? And where did you get your outdoor fairy lights because I've been looking for some decent ones for ages!


  10. If Nao likes weeding you can always send him up to mine - my garden could do with a little attention.
    You can come sit on the patio with me supervising ;)

  11. your wedding will look heaps more personal and intimate with all your mismatched decorations. I'm with you on being totally scared of matchy matchy. I want to take your approach when its mine turn :)

  12. Katie28.7.10

    you garden is so lush. every time i look at your blog i immediately want to move to Dulwich!
    also, i totally understand the no-theme wedding. matchy matchy makes me cringe.. sounds like your day will be gorgeous (fingers crossed for sunshine) xx

  13. ha - I think one of my first blog posts was a rant against the matchy matchy wedding compulsion. It seems so restrictive to me and anyway, once your guests arrive they won't "fit" with the colour scheme anyway so what is the point?

    Love the new background particularly the banner heading. I know what the other commenter means about the photos against this background although it does suit your blog so. Could you do some sort of mount around the pictures?
    Love love love the pics of your sweet garden – do you use a tilt shift lens or create the effect afterwards? It makes it look very magical.

  14. Your garden looks so cozy and inviting! (Loving your new look blog too!)

  15. I say go for it girl. I am so with you on the spontaneity of your wedding. All this must match this must match that. When you see those flowers you'll just know.

    Lil Bit Brit

  16. Love your backyard :) it gave me inspiration for a cafe that I'm going to launch by this October ~ thanks for sharing :)

  17. Beautiful photos. So envious of your garden!

  18. oh my, it's like your shed, on the internet! wowowow :)
    okay so not to be too nosey or pry into your personal life but where abouts in London is your house? It seems so lovely - after uni I want to move into the city but wouldn't know where to start with what places! xox

  19. Love the garden and the new look blog... (and a gratuitous cat shot is always good with me!) I like the idea of a 'random' theme... that's something we've been backing and forthing with... trying to come up with an 'us' theme just to stop us buying things randomly when we see them ;)