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22 July 2010

Our trip to the market this week was exceedingly good! I was short of cash this month having spent a lot on wedding bits and bobs, so I was quite adamant not to spend anything in the market. This lasted just long enough to get through the gate...then my pockets ran dry very fast! I found some lovely things which were not pennies but lots of pounds, however, such fantastic prices for what they were I knew I couldn't pass them by...

a perfect old rug for the shed! I LOVE all the colours and mixture of pattern, it's exactly how I like to weave too, so I'm inspired to make a rug at some point! This one is old so it has become really soft under your feet...luverely!!

I also needed a nice fan, as I'm currently using the cold setting on the fan heater which is useless AND ugly!
I've been looking for a vintage desk fan that is in working order (rare as hen's teeth) and found this beautiful fan, costs less than our cheapo fan heater, and the guy who sold it to me wasn't sure if it still worked...I took a punt on it and plugged it in, and bingo! wow, thanks mister! Mint condition for such a good price!!

also, I found a nice white cotton window panel, exactly the right length for shed window...lucky indeed!

but, it doesn't even stop there...because, I spied this unusual purple silk and lace jacket, apparently 1860s Italian. I tried it on with my jaw dropping, and O No! it fits perfectly...there's no option than to add it to my collection. The lady knocked off £15 from the price so I got it for a bargain really. can't wait to wear it.
The trouble is, Nao is not discouraging my from buying...He's says 'that really suits you and its a good price' then how can I say no! tut tut.

we did find some things for work (main reason for going to the market in first place OOps)
Like the massive metal gates in the last post, and three old blackboard easels, here's one, with some of my artwork (Nao, me & Plimsoll portraits) Can you tell i have a degree in fine Art? ; )

changing the subject a bit, this old pub sign has been stored at our workshop for years and yesterday we decided to take it to our flat. We are not allowed to hang up pictures in our rented flat so its found a home on Nao's desk. i love it...

so, I'm abstaining from market duties until I have replenished my bank account! But, I'm sooo happy with my findings, I can't stop looking at them!

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