24 July 2010

shell wedding ring box & blackberries

so so sleepy today i am, all this wedding business is a lot of job, which plus my normal job, means not much time for relaxing! Today, I lined a cockle shell that my Mum found on the beach on the Isle of Wight. It's just begging to be a wedding ring box i thought, and seeing as we presently have Liberty fabric coming out of our ears at the moment, we thought it should be a Liberty shell!

I have at last finished my wedding ring and it has been beautifully engraved by our fantastic engraver, I just finished polishing it and now it is at the Assay office having it's hallmark put on. Until then, I have displayed my engagement ring in the shell for the purpose of showing you! 

{Nao, sadly, has yet to choose his ring design...tut tut tut!}

it was mighty tricky to do actually, I'd imaging the next step from this would be to make a tailored suit for a mouse (or that might even be easier?) Anyhow, I managed at least to cover the inside and also strengthened the natural hinge. Next I have to make a little catch from gold wire {or ribbon maybe?} to keep it shut.

Thank you cockle, your house will look lovely on our marriage day!

After that I had a little wonder in the meadow and through the graveyard and found even more secret places that i didn't know existed, Plimsoll came with me too, she's a bit scared to go that far unless a human accompanies her! it was a bit like taking the dog for a walk. She loved sniffing where the fox dens are and then, she comes bounding back to me if I've walked off to far!
With the help of Plimsoll (who is a cat I should add) we came back with these...

and these flowers, which although look like weeds, they smell of honey and vanilla!

these flowers came from a shop today, but i like them too! : )

{...after that, I ironed folded and tied 35 napkins! Just blog and bed for me!}

We've already had more sun this summer than the last three summers put together! Please stay like this for  14th August! X

P.S. I'm playing with my blog layout, as you can see! I'm still working on it...need to edit my banner etc, but please bare with me! 


  1. crossing my fingers for 14th August!
    I cant believe you managed to line that shell, and without any raw edges too, you are amazing,that is the most individual ring box ever!

  2. Gorgeous ring box, your wedding is going to be fabulous!

  3. I'm more excited about seeing your wedding photos on your blog than I was my own! Ha!

  4. Wahey, what a brilliant idea - I love it!

  5. what a sweet idea for a ring box - you are so creative! ck :) x

  6. I love it, you must have the patience of a saint!

  7. hiya- not sure how I found your blog, but love it now I'm here!

    Looking at your last piece about your vintage clothes, made me smile to see I'm not the only one with a penchant for vintage bed-jackets...I can't think of a sweeter garment, especially for the summer.
    My "one weakness" alas, is vintage coats...

  8. That is so fantastic. I can't believe you could line a shell so well.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for the 14th. xx

  9. That is one very pretty shell! The wedding plans are shaping up well. I'm enjoying all those special touches you are sharing here.Those berries are quite the score :)

  10. oh wow, i love everything - the shell box, the berries, the new layout... perfect.

  11. What a lovely idea for the shell, it's beautiful.

  12. Lining a shell? Who woulda thought! I hope my creativity blooms the way yours has :) Your wedding is going to be beautiful!

  13. I love the blackboard.. your list doesn't look too long though - I think mines 3 times that. Love the Liberty shell, beautiful.

    18 days... ekkkkkk