Shed At Night

2 July 2010

I know I was meant to post about our wedding invitations but some people have not received them yet so I'd better not.
Last night, I got busy tiding my going on mid-night! Put up a few hooks and tidied away all my wedding dress bits and bobs. I also hung my new lamp, a present from my friend Pauline. It fits a tea light inside and it makes beautiful patterns all over the roof, spectacular!
I felt like putting on my new shoes and having a bit of a solo radio 4?

I have to say that being in my shed at night is beginning to be one of the nicest places I know.
when i shut the door, its like no one else exists, like i am hurtling through space and time, or, I'm the only survivor of an earthquake.Then i remember that i am just in my shed and I feel all warm and secure! I stick my head out of the door now and again and hear foxes barking and huge moths dive bomb me.

Mostly I have been pottering about, putting cotton reels in order, sorting out drawers and folding up cloths, everything has its own tiny space, in fact it's the only bit of order in my random life actually!

I went outside to check how tidy it looked in the morning, and discovered I have a new warm furry doormat!
I almost stepped on her...crazy crazy cat.

happy night time shedding, all you sheddies out there!

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