new look blog and some new RUST items!

26 July 2010

Hello! my blog has had a kind of spring clean...even though it is the middle of summer?!
I got a bit bored of the white background thing, so enjoyed very much playing around with a new header and background. It's amazing what you can do for free, i still can't quite believe that you can have your own website without spending a single bean!

Anyhow, I still have a few problems with the font colours of some of the older posts (they are unreadable!) but I will sort it out soon, promise!

So, the point of the post was to say... here are a couple new items in the Rust shop today,
long Beaded Heart necklace with silk bow { £140 }
and, double silver disc pendant with hand engraved Latin words { £195 }
{by the way, if you see something on my blog, and it is not yet on our online shop, you can always contact me and I might have it still in stock!}

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