26 July 2010

new look blog and some new RUST items!

Hello! my blog has had a kind of spring clean...even though it is the middle of summer?!
I got a bit bored of the white background thing, so enjoyed very much playing around with a new header and background. It's amazing what you can do for free, i still can't quite believe that you can have your own website without spending a single bean!

Anyhow, I still have a few problems with the font colours of some of the older posts (they are unreadable!) but I will sort it out soon, promise!

So, the point of the post was to say... here are a couple new items in the Rust shop today,
long Beaded Heart necklace with silk bow { £140 }
and, double silver disc pendant with hand engraved Latin words { £195 }
{by the way, if you see something on my blog, and it is not yet on our online shop, you can always contact me and I might have it still in stock!}


  1. ooh love the new look, especially the fonts for the header - are they fonts or did you draw them?

  2. hello Kiara,

    thank you! I drew the header myself, except the '...by artemis russell' is in Courier New font.

  3. I love the new header! xxx

  4. It looks great - well done!

  5. Love it, it is so very you!
    (The jewellery is pretty awesome also)

  6. Really like the new look (though am having trouble reading the pale font a bit) and the new jewellery. Sounds like you're progressing in leaps and bounds with all the weddng stuff, can't wait to hear all about the final event, and see all the pics.

  7. Great new look by the way! Your photos look fab against the background!

  8. I'm officially jealous of your handwriting now! Very lovely.

  9. Love, love, LOVE the new layout.
    And yes, isn't it amazing we can make such beautiful things? Remember all the way back to like, 1998 when one could make a website off of Geocities or something... they were so paltry looking!