27 July 2010

new items in THE BUCKET TREE!

at very long last, I stopped thinking about all the wedding thoughts circulating my head, and added some new items to the bucket tree!!

Pop over if you have time, lots of different things this time, and more to come! {but perhaps after the wedding is over!}


  1. All is beautiful; felt I just had to say "I think your blog is great". I used to live in South London, Crystal Palace, but now live in France. Boy! how I miss my home town...

  2. I found your blog via Pia's and I love it! I am from London and currently living in Kenya and you write about all the things I miss most. Markets, parks, tea etc.

    snapshots of home!
    And I have been looking for some Russian dolls for a while but (not surprisingly) they are hard to come by in africa! So your shop helped me there too!