My vintage clothes collection Part One { jackets }

23 July 2010

Ha ha! this is going to be a funny post.When a wrote about my Victorian jacket, the lovely Andi made me a show off some of my favourite vintage clothes! Ding! Yes, what a great idea i thought.
When i find a new old thing, I automatically start google image searching for anything similar so i can learn a bit more about what i had found. So, I decided I should photograph my stuff just in case any other interested people can see them, as, they are all our history so really they belong to everyone (sort of, you know what I mean?).
Anyhoo, here goes, my first collection (of which there are not many) Vintage Jackets!
I should add that I've never paid more than £45 for any vintage clothing and I wear them all, so it's not expensive to collect, in fact it's cheaper than Topshop!
Also, please don't laugh at my photos, i did my best to find my good angle, but it was had to find if it exist at all (I am freaking out about all the wonky faced, gap toothed wedding photos to come next month!)

 1920s silk embroidered jacket

mid 19th century Italian silk and lace jacket

 19th century British mourning jacket

1930s quilted rayon lounging jacket

1940s rayon bed jacket

1930s/40s children's hospital uniform jacket

vintage Japanese hoari's

I usually wear this one inside-out as I love the silk lining!

vintage Hoari (Japanese short jacket for wearing over Kimono)

vintage Japanese summer kimono

The End
thats quite enough posing for one day me thinks!

So, I'd love love love to see anyone else's favourite vintage clothing finds! It's really interesting to see how (or if) you wear them too.

Next I will post some dresses and shirts, hopefully!

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