18 July 2010

mobile wedding kit...trip to Winchester and the Isle of Wight!

We set of early this morning on a mission to get our wedding load from our home in London, to our wedding venue on the Isle of Wight for storage until next month. We squeezed in everything including 2 marquees, 40 plates and a 4 metre tent! just enough space left for us!

On the way to Southampton, we stopped off for lunch at Winchester and were completely surprised at how beautiful that town is! We only had one hour so we will defiantly come back one day, it was one of the best towns I've been to.

beautiful leafy riverside walks and tiny wonky buildings galore!

Then we raced over to the ferry before it departed...

So windy up on deck, we had fun trying to take photos, I almost got blown off the ship!

Nao twittering...

You have such amazing view up there...

and some have even higher views than us...

Then we landed safely on the Isle of Wight with our precious load...mobile wedding kit!
We explored down this tree lined road, in search for a cup or tea and a slice of cake for refreshment...

and at the end of the lane, was a Lavender farm!

just too stunning for words, we took hundreds of pictures, and we dreamed of just pitching up our new tent right there in their 200 acres of Lavender farm!

AND I found my dream home!!!

I practised my wedding photo smile...

and we listened to the grasshoppers and sheep in the afternoon sun, and felt all tranquil indeed!

...then, we arrived at our destination, my Mum's flat where we will deposit all our vintage collection of plates and camping paraphernalia for our wedding camp in her garden, with this our carpet!...

ahhh! bliss and one more thing to cross off our list of to do's
Just a few more things to organised and we are all set for the wedding proceedings next month!


  1. That picture of the willow tree just mesmerized me! Oh, wonderful!

  2. Love the lavender farm - and the wedding smile! How funny.

  3. I love love love lavender. Gorgeous photography too!

  4. such great pics - really should explore England more! ck :) x

  5. Fabulous wedding smile - at least it's not gritted teeth!

  6. Am inspired by your trek with 40 plates in tow....I am getting married in South Africa next year and keep worrying about how to make sure it is original and a reflection of our personalities and all your personal touches and makings are making me even more determined to do the same...so thanks and looking forward to seeing the results :)

  7. I think you should become a 'professional wedding smiler' :D
    Love the lavender farm. xx

  8. That lavender farm - amazing! Have fun with the last minute details.

    xo Erin

  9. amazing photos! hope the sun shines for you next month!

  10. Wonderful pics! Have never been to Winchester (despite it not being too far from London town) but a friend is moving there this summer - this post has made me very keen to go visit asap!

  11. hello ;0)xx just came past your blog- lovely surprise and have been sitting here admiring the treasures and beautiful piccys- love the crafting shed...i seem to have taken over the kitchen with my arty crafty stuff....and i see a wedding is on its way- how lovely ;0)xx i love finding new villages in devon and cornwall and never knowing where u might end up and what lovely shops you might find ;0) its all exciting!

    best wishes,
    kazzy x

  12. Thanks for sharing...

  13. Winchester is a fantastic little town, do visit again. I grew up nearby in Chandlers Ford and spend many happy childhood weekends playing on the downs and climbing St Catherine's Hill.

  14. Wow a lovely lavender farm - I encourage everyone to try and grow some lavender to help our poor little bees who are having a tough time at the moment. Jxx

  15. popped by to say that i have been enjoying your blog for sometime and don't think i have said hello yet ~ so 'hello'!
    love your shed, love your photos, adore the isle of wight, and thank you for reminding me of it's beauty ~ (we are off camping there again this year). the first place we ever camped on the island was Freshwater and later my folks told me that is where they spent their honeymoon ~ it is stunningly beautiful!
    excited for you and all your wedding plans and am loving your thrifting treasures,
    wishing you a wonderful day