7 July 2010

Liberty print RUST + something strange...

these are from our new Liberty print collection in our Rust jewellery shop, they are hand engraved and hallmarked on the back, prices start from £65. They will be available to buy online soon!

a completely different subject...
what on Earth is this?...

it is old, I can tell from the glaze that is must be Edwardian or older, it is a mug type thing with a funnel inside and a lid with a steam hole on the top. The lid does not fit the mug without the funnel being place.
I bought it in a market for a couple of quid, i like the glaze and shape and thought it would make a respectable mug...

but I hope it wasn't used for draining cysts or something equally disgusting that might almost put me off my tea (well, maybe not quite!)

I'd be glad to hear your ideas as my google browsing so far has been fruitless on the subject!

P.S Sadly I didn't win the 'Shed of the Year' competition, o well, my life will have to be fulfilled some other way : (
The winner was Reg and his pirate themed shed...a very worthy winner, well done Reg!


  1. It looks like some variation of an invalid mug or perhaps something to do with moustaches….or maybe something to do with invalid food….they were big on gruel and coddled eggs, albumen water etc….I’m surprised anyone got better in those days!

  2. A very early individual filter coffee mug?

  3. Maybe you stand your toothbrush in it, then use the mug for an apres-brush swill?! (Loving the Liberty range) x

  4. It really looks like a filter tea mug
    like the one here:


    Maybe it was used with a paper (fabric?) filter like you do for filter coffee.

  5. Love the Liberty range but don't have a clue about the "mug", unless it's for filtering herbal teas???

  6. We have mugs from Hong Kong a bit like this, with three separate parts: the mug, a strain for tea leaves, and the lid. So just need to crack the mystery of what type of filter the mug was made to use, and I think that's it!

    Btw, just discovered your blog through shed piece on apartmenttherapy. I love design blogs, but rarely follow them, due to too much fluff from too many fluffy people. I think you're an exception I will have to make! Observing your workings and doings is making me hurt inside from some sort of unabashed joy! Shame on you. ;)

  7. That bracelet is truly beautiful.

  8. Shame about the shed. Reg's shed looks like it should be the backbone of a crazy golf course.

  9. My dear I've stumbled across your blog from Poppytalk, and you, your blog, jewelryline, and store are beyond lovely. I have added you to must reads on my blog list.


    Delish and inspiring. Keep it up.

  10. Oooh gorgeous pieces and I can't wait until you figure out the cup mystery.

    Sorry to hear you didn't win the shed competition. However, it is still absolutely delightful and has no doubt spawned hundreds of people (including myself) to make a similar space of their own.

  11. I stumbled into your block through Kickcan and Conkers. Love your light in the shed. Lovely spot to visit. I have put you in my reader, so I will be looking for more posts.

  12. I stumbled into your block through Kickcan and Conkers. Love your light in the shed. Lovely spot to visit. I have put you in my reader, so I will be looking for more posts.

  13. bummer...i so hoped your little dream shed would take it! I too
    have a little shed and its so fun to work outside! as for the mug...it really does look like a tea strainer/mug...it is now. haha!

  14. Hi its a Victorian Sputum mug. At the local TB hospital, it was required that every single patient was allocated a sputum mug. It has been mentioned that the sound of that per-lop as the contents of the mug were tipped into the sluice was a sound that made ones stomach heave.

    Not sure I would drink out of it now I know.

  15. NO WAY! ergh i have had about 3 cups of tea from that! think im going to my gp just in case i got TB!
    thanks for the warning :( XX

  16. Anonymous13.7.10

    Oh oh. When good vintage shopping GOES BAD. More info here!


    I'm sure it's clean now though! I have to say I am mildly relieved that there is at least one tiny flaw in your otherwise seemingly perfect life! Mel xx