Isle of Wight trip part 2

20 July 2010

day two of our trip was glorious indeed! here are some more photos from the Isle of Wight...

we went to Woody Bay which is a small rocky bay only accessible by a narrow footpath through the woods. I love looking at rock pools and there are many of them there, as well as plenty of driftwood!

then we drove towards our wedding reception venue to sort out some bits and bobs with the owner, on the way we spotted this amazing ice cream van!

after the meeting we went for a swim here at Compton Bay which is a long sandy beach in the middle of nowhere, lots of people barbecueing but we arrived quite late so they were beginning to leave, then it was so peaceful!

the land where the beach is, is crumbling into the sea at an astonishing rate! t makes the whole place feel prehistoric and indeed many a dinosaur bones have been picked up by a wandering pet dog out for its evening walkies!

the grass has turned all brown and dry, but I quite like it as it feels all warm to lie on...blissful indeed!

then, we walked via footpath towards Yarmouth and on the way we passed through a farm and saw some lovely black sheep, two horses and some chickens!
and the wheat in the fields is all golden and swaying like the sea, oh lordy how charming it all was.

and as if that wasn't enough wholesome countryness, we stopped at this pub in Freshwater which is quite famous for its (understandable pricey) food! This is my favourite pub on the Island...

I had Smoked haddock Kedgeree

and Nao had rib-eye steak with mushroom sauce and vegetables, it.was.amazing.

the sun setted quickly and we just about got this snap before the sun sank into the sea, ahhhhhh!

next morning we woke up at 4am and began our journey back to London, BUT we had to stop at the antiques fair on the way back and we filled up the boot once again! these gates are for our London shop!

So that was our summer holiday, abbreviated into two nights and two days...but it felt much longer than that!

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