3 July 2010

from outside in...


crikey, what a blinding summer we are having this week! of course British weather is on the way shortly, refreshing us with drizzle and gales as per-usual.
I've been in love with my shed all day, since it's the beginning of 'Shed Week' next week, and I'm a full supporter of the shed. 
Apart from admiring my de-cluttered shed, I cut the hedge out the front (that's where those flowers are from), painted a few shelves white and re-arranged a few things, again!
I made an under-skirt to go with my wedding dress, made some more bunting and practised my hair-do in the mirror. What a day! and of course I could not stop taking pictures...we bought a new camera when we went to Japan last month, it's the new Olympus Pen and it is fantastico! It looks like a 1960s camera and I think it's better than a SLR as its much smaller but has the same (or better than our slr) quality. Yay for Olympus!

this sequin flower is soooo old, and still so sparkly, i hope I'm that sparkly when i am 90.

this is hand painted on fine gauze with red and gold, i have no idea what they are but i like them very much!

my recent purchase, this horse was meant for the bucket tree, but has found a place on my shelf and is not likely to move for quite some time.

with the sun beaming down on the shed, it's become like an oven and I have been slow roasting inside it. I discovered a cold setting on my fan heater, and devised a curtain to keep neighbours eyes out, but cool air in!
first I tried a lace curtain, then i found this flowery one...now i can't choose which one to use! doh!

our cat (who seems to feature a lot these days!) spend the whole day asleep on the bed in this blanket, Nao decided it was time she sniffed fresh air, and came out of the bedroom with a cat wrap.

hope you have a lovely sunday!


  1. you give me shed envy - and i dont even have a shed! ck :) x

  2. Your shed is wonderful, such a serene creative place.

  3. I think the portrait of Plimsoll with Nao should be in the National Portrait Gallery.



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