31 July 2010


 I have to say, it is quite nice to have one rainy day, it means I can be lazy and not feel too guilty about staying in bed! Strangely there's not a lot of wedding organising left to do, so as the day gets closer and closer, I'm actually doing less?! can this be right?
Anyhow, there was lots of light drizzle today and it left all these tiny beads of water all over the meadow...

as always, Plimsoll came out to see what I was doing, and then began to follow Nao, but she got scared when a TINY dog appeared on the scene, then she scarped under a blackberry bush.

I'd also like to thank all my recent customers of the Bucket Tree.
 Since my last post, when i uploaded some new stock, I've nearly sold them all! The savings from this are going towards our honeymoon! (actually it will probably pay for the whole honeymoon as we only need to rent a car and pay for the campsite!!)
So thank you all so much and I do hope you will all be happy with your treasures!
I will endeavour to upload some more as soon as i can!

Happy weekend!


  1. What beautiful images, especially on the spiders webs.

    Wimpy Plimsoll made me laugh

  2. Shame you cant make those beautiful beaded webs into part of your wedding outfit - well if anyone can it's you! They'd look perfect.

  3. Those are some stunning photos of the drizzle, especially the webs.

  4. Hi Artemis, I love how you manage to make a dreary day beautiful! Amazing pictures as always. Glad you're managing to relax a little before your wedding day too...that's how it should be! Judging by your preparations so far, I'm sure it will be fantastic!

  5. Stunning images. Like the simplicity of a camping honeymoon, good for you. K

  6. Beautiful photos Artemis!

  7. How lovely to have a cat that stays close to home: mine's just come back from 5 days missing! Enjoy the peace!

  8. Beautiful, beautiful pictures - like little diamond droplets.

    Enjoy the day,

    Nina xx

    ps. very happy indeed - they will be perfect for the wedding I am going to this afternoon! N xx

  9. You have made the dropplings look magical.
    Best wishes for you upcoming wedding and a wonderful joy filled marriage.

  10. I have been quietly following your blog for a little while now and having just "clicked" on it, realise that we took similar photos yesterday. Your blog is just exquisite!

  11. Like your pictures! nice shot!

  12. beautiful photos!! i stumbled upon your blog while blurfing... i'm looking forward to browsing through your pages. :o)