26 June 2010

weekend wedding workshop


another long post today...sorry about that, maybe you can come back and see the rest later?!
Our wedding workshop has become a bit of a weekend activity of late.
First off, I bought some shoes very cheaply from the high street (they look pink here but they are more like nude in actual fact!) I lined them in vintage fabric and I'm thinking to put something on the front too, possibly/maybe.

Plimsoll is rather confused with all the to-doings...

painting in the kitchen...these will be our invitations but we haven't sent them yet so I'd better not show you them finished.

Nao's Japanese precision was very impressive.

nearly as impressive as his al' fresco fried noodles.

mean while, Plimsoll spied a new friend in the meadow...

although this looks like an intimate moment, in cat language this is just a - so who are you, then?

back to the workshop, I made a start on the fabric bunting...

but I found trying to achieve a sun tan at the same time was a bit difficult in the heat.

the first of many bundles I made today.

and, Nao managed to make these whilst watching the football at the same time, more Japanese work ethic.

just look at this serious accuracy, impressive!

our cat knows that her humans are up to something, but, she was seduced by the afternoon sun streaming though the bedroom window.

lastly! Nao bought these ice cube moulds from Japan and he made some orange juice ices in shapes of brilliant-cut diamonds!

and, then letters too!

so, yet again, thanks for making it all the way to the end of this epic marathon post! I think there may be another wedding workshop next weekend too...blimey!


  1. I can stand plenty of this wedding preparation! Everything you've made is beautiful! I especially love the paper bunting! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. your post are always a joy. i love how creative you guys are together. ck :) x

  3. Having so much fun watching all of this come together. Love your details!

  4. Watching your wedding prep is lovely! I love that your shoes are also your 'something blue'.

    If i'd blogged before our wedding, there would have been many weekends and then month solid of wedding prep! Yours seems very relaxed which is lovely!

  5. Reading you is a pleasure!
    Thanks for sharing ^.^

  6. Great post! I can't believe the amount of triangles you cut out! patient or what! the music paper ones look great too! I love nao's shirt with deck chairs on are they?
    oh and lovely pictures of plimsoll, loved the one in the meadow! too cute! :) xox

  7. Wow! What a productive day! Lovely pics as always and I LOVE those diamond shaped ice cubes!

  8. Hi! I really adore this post- all the little touches like the ice cube letters and diamonds, and the cute bunting. Preciosa. Looking forward to more of these in the future :)

  9. Sorry to post again but I have to ask you something! Basically my mum buys the sun newspaper and i was ripping up an old copy (well friday 25th to be precise) and I stumbled upon an article called That's sheddy workmanship which includes the shed competition.. a picture of your shed and your name and a quote from you! It also says you are the winner of the workshop category, I have had a look on your recent blog posts and can't find anything about it so wanted to say congratulations!! :) xox

  10. A beautiful post - I am really enjoying this wedding prep. Stunning bunting.