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25 June 2010

wow, i have been so busy I almost missed an England match!
Organising a wedding is nothing compared with moving and re-opening a shop in the same month as moving flat, but its not far off! However, it is all jolly good fun and I am enjoying the nervous energy of arranging chairs and tables to be delivered, transport, decorations and dresses all going hopefully to plan!

On thursday we began making our wedding invitations and it was such a beautiful day, very hot indeed I think we were really getting in the summery party mood when our first finished invitations started appearing on our kitchen table...lots of squeals from me...they actually came out quite nice!

I'm pleased with my dress too, quite testing my sewing skills...I'm not taking the whole thing too seriously so don't expect a Cinderella! In fact weddings are all a bit crazy when you think of it, all that pomp and ceremony, I think ours will be just a very nice summer party and a bit of a (slightly emotional) laugh!
Of course marriage is very serious... (yawn...)

anyways, I have been beavering away in my shed, making all manner of summery delights, I can't wait to show you all, but i guess I can't spoil it now : (

...I went of at a tangent from my original post! Here are some recent findings from charity shops and flea markets...

Funny, but when I went to Kyoto, I really wanted to find a nice pair of japanese sandals, but none came forth to my eyes! I felt a bit sad. But, yesterday, in a London flea market, i found these and they are beautiful! I'm even wearing them to work today! I have a feeling they might be for a boy as the shape is a bit square, but Japanese people, please correct me if I'm wrong!! Also, they came from Kyoto!

I found these 1950s drawers and immediately asked the price, I was like 'is that your best price'? so he knocked off a bit more even though I would have bought them anyway. So it turns our he meant for everything inside too! Its stuffed with wooden cotton reels, vintage fastenings and the like, which are worth twice as much as the drawers! Chuffed.

I also found some 1930s dead stock milk glass bead bracelets which I'm adding to my huge stock yet to be listed on The Bucket Tree!

fabrics for the chop.

I am collecting vases, plates and cutlery for you know what!

can't believe you can find these books in charity shops in between all those 'tellytubbies' and 'bob the builder' books.

and bird prints for the shop decoration.

Now I mention it, I have a bit of a back log of posts to blog since i have been a bit too busy of late, so I shall next post the Rust shop photos which i promised to do last week! Tut tut.

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