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1 June 2010

We have just returned from our voyage to Japan, and I am so pleased to have survived the plane as I'm scared out of my pants of flying!! So after 12 hours of believing my death was imminent, we arrived at Nao's parents first time to visit his family, and go to his sister Kaoru's wedding. It was amazing and I was made to feel very welcome indeed! (more to come about this later!)

after a few days staying in Nao's hometown, we made the trip down to Kyoto, stopping at Tokyo over night. This beautiful temple is covered in real gold!

I was mean't to show you a photo of me in a kimono, but in the end I wore vintage 1920s dress instead (more appropriate me thinks!) so here are some real kimono wearing ladies!

Kyoto is a truly magical place with so much history it takes your breath away! Its lovely at night too.

in total, I took 1400 photos!

the gardens are incredible, so green and mossy and with this light creeping through the maple trees.

we climbed up to the top of a small mountain and found this wonderful view looking down on a river with little fishing huts on stilts! We felt very peaceful indeed and spent a fair while oohing and ah-ring at the tranquillity of it all...

luckily i took this snap of Nao, totally oblivious of what he was looking at...

It was a ring!! and he asked me to marry him, and of course I say Yeah OK!

{sorry picture removed! Nao couldn't look at it due to cheesyness!!}

uurgggh! too much romantico - I'm sure you are thinking...but don't worry there's no more smooching photos coming!

after that life changing interval, we carried on wondering around in a bit of a daze!

it seemed we were not the only ones! I took some sneaky photos of this cool looking couple.

the rest of the trip I spent looking at my ring every 2 minuets! 

he made it himself (usually we ask Des - a professional mounter to make all our diamond rings designs) I was so impressed as it is perfect and not easy to make.
It is made of platinum with a Rose-cut diamond with an old fashioned cut down setting. I never thought I'd ever own a diamond ring...I might have to start looking a bit smarter!!

after Kyoto, we returned to Tokyo for a bit to catch up with some friends and visit our RUST shop.
We were lucky to catch sight of lots of men in their underpants (sorry no photo of the trouser-less men sadly) swaying a huge golden thing...they all looked very drunk and merry!

We  broke the news to our friends and we had dinner with the staff who work in our shop, and the waiters surprised us with this!

It was a wonderful trip indeed (except the plane of course) and I met lots of lovely people who were all very kind to me...arigatou gozaimashita! XXX

p.s. I uploaded lots more photos on my Flickr page, click here!

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