30 June 2010

scorchio marketo! + some good news

lots to tell you today! First and foremost, as Leanne kindly pointed out, I haven't yet mentioned that I am through to the final round in the Shed of the Year competition!! Oh yes!
 I've been bragging about it on Facebook and text messages and totally forgot to tell you all on blogger! Little shed and i, have already been mentioned in the Sun and in the Telegraph! So, thank you all so much for voting and giving my shed nationwide fame! The finals are on 5th July, you can see all the other category winners and latest info on the Shed blog here.

next on the menu...this little piggy went to market! and we found lovely bits and bobs for our wedding and work of course! it was a scorcher, and we happened across Chiswick House on the way home.
T'was delightful...

we didn't go into the house, we'll save that for a rainy day. we did look inside the green house though...it has just been renovated and houses huge Camellia bushes just as it did hundreds of years ago!

getting up at 4am does play havoc with the ol'body clock, I'm a serious sufferer of market lag.

then, we saw a maHOOsive bumble bee, easily the size of a mouse, it couldn't even get airborne poor thing was trying to gain higher ground but just fell off because of its extremely plump furry body!


we drove around all of southwest london trying to find a parking space so that we could watch the Japan v Paraguay match, but we just gave up and missed the first half! Then it all ended in tears, I mean, penalties.

anyhoo, here's some of what we found!

a new bag for moi, and some lovely old cotton fabric
{we found two of those chairs in a skip on sunday}

table runner and some dishes, {we still need about 25!}

I love those chalk boards! Note the extremely poor spelling of 'table clothes'...but now i think about it, why not table clothes??? Some animal snap cards and a Swedish horse...I needed them.

an easel for which i shall make a black board, a snug as a bug blanket, and a tiny bird cage...

these will be nice for flowers or candles me thinks...

also, we are collecting vintage glasses for our party, these are un-used, still in their wrappers!

and, I'm sure we can do something creative with these earthenware bottles.

last, but, OOOOHHH certainly not least, I spied these perfect wedding shoes! OMG (that's the first and last time I will ever use that abbreviation), i never thought i'd find vintage ones that fit me and are the colour and style that I was looking for AND, made in Britain!

So much better than the other ones I was settling for. I shall wear these forever, not just for wedding festivities.

In my next post, hopefully i can show you our completed wedding invitations, yippee!
 {or, oh no, enough of this wedding nonsense} don't worry it will all be over by the 15th August, then normal sensible blogging shall continue...


  1. We're loving the wedding nonsense and I'm very pleased about your shoes! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. Some lovely finds. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderful finds & ideas as usual. Love it all (and great shoes!) The end result will surely look amazing. You have a great eye.

  4. Crikey, you never cease to amaze me with your market finds and I love your wedding shoes, you must be over the moon about them. Congratulations for getting through to the shed finals! I did a bit of FB canvassing for you too, you deserve to win!

  5. Aw thank you for linking me on your blog, that's very kind of you!
    I do hope your shed wins :)
    I love the knitting bag you've bought and is that a Liberty suitcase I spy?! xox

  6. Bring on the wedding nonsense: loving it!

  7. ha ha yes indeed Leanne you spied correctly! it was a present from nao, i am keeping my wedding dress in it!!

  8. I have one of those Swedish horses! It was a gift from my Grandpa when I was a small child! You have inspired me to retrieve it from my parents house!

  9. I love chiswick house. The Beatles recorded the video for Rain there, and there's some other stuff I can never remember about it. Tis lovely though

  10. I wonder how you carry all your market finds... the Swedish horse is called a Dala Horse, very sweet.



  11. jeez i love your blog - your wedding is going to be so magical! love all your finds as ever. ck :) x ps. good luck on the shed comp.

  12. You find the most amazing things! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    And how wonderful to find the perfect shoes :)

  13. Anonymous1.7.10

    Gorgeous vintage finds. Shoes are lovely! Can't wait to see wedding pics with all these vintage goodness!

  14. You are such a girl after my own heart. I love to see your finds. I too LOOOVEEE to go to market and as I am living in Sweden at the moment, I have lots of Swedish and Danish markets and LOppis shops to get through. This weekend it is Copenhagen on Saturday and then the country Swedish markets on Sunday. So many this time of youer! Swedish horses are much required in every home I believe!

  15. please feel free to use every blog until your wedding telling us all about the preparations! i love your shed (it was how i found your blog) i live in australia (its winter here now) & love that i can read all about you summer, your shed & your wedding, on the other side of the world. i hope it is really beautiful :)

  16. Women love weddings...it's in our DNA. :) Yours looks like it's going to be eclectic, vintage and lovely fun. Thanks for the story and the photos of your fab finds!

  17. I adore those glasses - so light and dainty, perfect for wedding bubbles! And I was lusting after one of those Merci for Liberty suitcases but missed out - sold out before I could grab one. You are very lucky indeed. And good luck with the shed competition - I voted for you :)

  18. I love your market finds. I'm giddy with excitement for the car-boot sale excursion I have planned this Sunday. It is my first market trip since I got back to the country. Hope I am as lucky as you.

  19. Oh Artemis, dear Artemis, how I love thy market finds. How I wish I could go to such wonderful markets. Wonder if I can find something like them here in ol' Melbourne town...