8 June 2010

RUST TOKYO ladies shop

I'm not allowed to show you pictures of our London shop until we had the opening party! So, whilst I was in Tokyo visiting our Tokyo shop, I took some photos...

This shop was renovated last year and transformed from a men's shop to a ladies/wedding jewellery shop, and the men's jewellery moved to a new premises upstairs!{I will show you photos of this in another post}.

This is one of Madeleine's beautiful chandeliers made from rescued kitchenware and glass teacups, they are stunning!
 (my photo doesn't do it justice but go to Madeleine's website or blog to see lovely pictures!)

This shop interior was created by our good friend Shu Kondo, he runs has a very successful shop in Tokyo called Found, where you can buy beautiful old things for your home!
See their website here.

You can just about see our two lovely, shop sales staff through the window, Hashi and Wako hello!

all the furniture has sailed the seven seas to get to Tokyo! They mostly came from French, Belgian and UK antique markets.

So, I promise I will show you our London shop very soon (I know I keep saying that!).
Also, I will be updating the Bucket Tree when I get a spare minuet!

Everything is happening at once, oh lordyy!


  1. Oh wow - that looks amazing! Really beautiful and imaginative styling.

  2. Positively stunning. That first image: WOW.


  3. I would very much like to discover your shop as it looks so inviting and wonderfully curious. Just the sort of place I like to happen upon. How beautiful...well done {*} Wish Tokyo was nearer to London...

  4. Wow! So beautiful... you must be very proud.

  5. I am impressed - looks beautiful, you two never cease to amaze me :)

  6. I'm always amazed at the way you use vintage items in your merchandise displays-- never would have thought to use candlesticks for showing off necklaces! The touches of nature/greenery are unusual too, I like the trailing ivy on the table.

  7. Always enjoy reading your posts. Can't think why I haven't followed you before - well I am now! Looking forward to seeing pics of your London shop. BW.

  8. Love the shop! Hope to visit one day. Looking forward to seeing the photos of your new London Shop. :)

  9. It all looks beautiful. I really enjoyed the first pic especially. xx