recycled wedding dress

13 June 2010

More shed activities today! I have a large collection of vintage dresses as I mentioned before, and I was hoping that one of them would do as my wedding dress. Most of them don't suit me for one reason or another but mostly because I am the height of a 12 year old and all the wrong proportions!

I have one that I really liked, the fabric is beautiful but the construction of the top half was not flattering! So I completely took it all apart and removed the sleeves and the lining. 
I bought it from Ebay a few years ago just for the large amount of vintage silk, and surprisingly I won it for just £2.99. It was a deep cream colour, and although it didn't smell, I washed it anyway, and to my surprise the water turned brown and the dress turned white!
It had some large holes which I patched up and I had the idea to sell it, but luckily I never got around to it!

it is almost finished already! I can't show it to you yet though... (Ha ha! I have made it sound amazing but it is actually quite a simple dress!!)

I am concerned about the size of Plimsoll's belly these days...she used to be so thin! 
This is her favourite pose...what a Lady indeed!

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