2 June 2010

my shed has a favour to ask!

Before I start babbling about shed topics I'd like to say thank you all so very much for your lovely comments about our forthcoming marriage, I was a bit apprehensive to announce it to anyone at first as I'm a bit allergic to all that mushy stuff usually!
I am really excited about it all and the idea of dressing up like a lady for once, and becoming a part of a double act.
I'll keep you all up to date on proceedings...no date set yet...but am already toying with the idea of making my dress out of toilet paper (currently 7.5% likely). It will sure to be a memorable event so we'd better get planning after we sort out our new shop and jewellery collection first ...Blimey!!

Wedding stuff aside, I do have yet another big favour to ask of you all. You see, when I finished decorating my shed, I was invited to take part in the 'shed of the year' competition! I kid you not!
So I need all the votes I can get to make it to the final round to be judged by the legend Sarah Beeny of Property Ladder program. It seems you can win some cheese and some Cuprinol! plus £1000 which will do nicely for our wedding (as thats just about all we're gonna spend on it!).
However the opposition is way out of my league, so I need a clicking power boost! 
It's a bit of laugh to be in it anyways so I'm not really pinning my life on it yet!

So, if you liked my shed (see photos HERE if you missed it before) please pleeeease vote for me!

Sorry for being so cheeky


  1. I have voted- you definitely have the prettiest shed I've ever seen!

    Congratulations on your engagement

  2. Have voted and left a comment - would love to see you win.
    Also pretty curious about your wedding - it's going to be lovely, I can tell :)

  3. Done. Your blog is truly inspirational, good luck with the comp and congrats on the engagement!

  4. I have voted, didn't even look at the others since I can't see how anyone else has a shed nicer than yours, and if they do, well it might just depress me beyond redemption, so I don't want to see them.
    On th wedding front, i'm sure it will be wonderful with your creativeness, but take all the time you want, its the best thing we did, setting a date nearly 2 years away.

  5. I have voted for you...finger crossed now : )

  6. What a fun, exciting contest! Off to vote for you now!

  7. That was easy!
    I voted for you and did not have to give blood or my social security number- Nice!
    Good luck-

    My wedding cost $400- you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to.
    My mind was on a downpayment- I love my house (and I kept the husband).

  8. voted for you
    and eeeeeeh congrats
    ps i would love to see how u manage to turn toilet paper into a stunning dress - u are too creative

    :D :D :D

  9. Voted! You REALLY deserve to win! I have serious shed envy!

  10. Huge congratulations on your engagement! That's fantastic! What a big year you have ahead!

    Just voted for your shed...does it have a name by the way?! You'll win for sure, you have THE MOST GORGEOUS SHED in the world!!


  11. Just voted, good luck!!!

  12. baba3.6.10

    Voted!good luck!!

  13. Anonymous3.6.10

    I voted, I love it. You are so talented Laura

  14. I don't think this cheeky at all! I absolutely love your shed and have been showing all the girls in my office and banging on and on and ON about how much I want one myself.

    Good luck and massive congrats on the engagement!

  15. I'm all for a lo-fi wedding - I think it means so much more - and I hope you have a beautiful day! I will be casting my vote for you... good luck :)

  16. Not cheeky at all - would be happy to help! I know weddings can be expensive so I hope you win and the money helps you out!

    p.s. great blog!

  17. Congrats on engagement, how fun! Great shed, truly! :)

  18. Congraturation for your engagement!!
    I read it just now. Made me very happy!!