4 June 2010


I am not a frequent flyer as it scares the daylight out of me being up in the air (the result of a bad Ryan Air flight to France!) but there are some benefits to jet-lag. Waking up at 4am is great for taking some meadow photos which I would normally miss, being still in the land of nod, unaware of the unfolding beauties outside!

the meadow is a-wash with buttercups and purple clover.

as soon as either Nao or I even put one toe out of bed, Plimsoll is up and waiting for food, Sheba tuna is her favourite and I'm sure she sleeps with one ear tuned for the sound of the fridge!

It was a nice welcome home to go out into the meadow in the wee small hours, just me and Plimsoll and everyone is asleep.

and then today was boiling hot! Almost unbearable in fact, I had to take a cold shower so I could sit in the meadow for longer...I don't know how Plimsoll can stand her fur coat!
The grass is so long you can hardly see her, just a rustling noise and a movement in the grass, or sometimes just a tail sticking up!

We worked very late last night, it was the first official opening day of our London RUST shop, and we had 6 wedding ring orders, which is fantastic (but exhausting). We both picked up a bit of a cold from our trip to Japan so a rest was very much appreciated. Next week is going to be HECTIC! 


  1. Oh Artemis, such beautiful photos, particularly love the 3rd one of the buttercups - & that last one of Plimsoll frolicking through the meadow is just so sweet!!
    What camera do you use?

    And such wonderful news on you engagement - have always thought you & Nao seemed so perfect for each-other - warmest congratulations XX

    (Oh please re-post the cheesy photo!!!)

  2. Those are such beautiful shots. Just lovely.
    I just found your blog. I love it. Such inspirations. I'm a fan.
    Thank you!!


  3. I'm 3 posts behind, having had a bus week, but first can I say CONGRATULATIONS!! I am V happy for you!

    Also, I find it really odd now that it's complete daylight at 4.30. Having spent winter leaving for work at 5.30 am, in the pitch black night, I find I wake up at 4.30 because it's so, so bright!

    Your pictures are wonderful, they have such atmosphere, and a gloaming-ish effect, though obviously in early morning rather than late evening.

  4. Your flower photos are wonderful! Everything is so soft and full of light. Great photos

    xo Erin

  5. The photos are very refreshing. Early morning is very special. xx

  6. These are beautiful photos - I really envy your backing on to a meadow. That conjures up beautiful images. And super cute that your pusscat came out to join you! I hope the first week went well for the shop. I will be in london in august and would love to check it out.
    Keep the great things coming!

  7. Lovely lovely photos again. I adore your kitty cat. Look forward to following your wedding plans.

  8. ...I'm so in love with Plimsoll!