the Island that time forgot

21 June 2010

we went here! the Isle of Wight and birth place of yours truly...

we had a weekend staying at my Mum's house here in Ventnor, which is a Victorian seaside town, with lovely fresh crab and lobster caught and brought in on this very beach.
we ate Island ice creams and watched the 'Round the Island boat race' which was very fast this year so we didn't see much of it!
Then we went round all the charity shops to find stuff for our wedding! Its going to be a very classy wedding y'know...£2 decorations!

we found these...knitted tea cosy (for our flat) old music papers and my mum found some boxed knives.

I had two of these glass dishes but one smashed as it fell through my re-used carrier bag as I left the ferry : (

I like the writing on the music, the puccini one is the song from 'a room with a view' film.

loads and loads of lacy curtains...hmm I feel some sewing coming on.

this is my mum's cat and my cat's mum (this is Chippy, Plimsoll's mum in other words) enjoying my mum's finest linen sheets.

this is Chippy's balcony, it's a hard life for a cat but she does her best to cope.

she catches the odd small morsel to give to my mum as rent...

and she performs such catly duties as such one would expect.

yes, this is the pace of life on the Island!

In my next post, i'm going to show you some sneaky pics i took of my Mums flat without her knowledge, chuckle chuckle...

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