how very odd it is...

17 June 2010

 to find one's self being served by one's own self!
What I am meaning is, as my job is to make and sell wedding rings, it is kind of weird to be choosing a ring myself!  Now I know how difficult it is, I may be more sympathetic to those who take time to choose!

I am really stuck, whether a white metal like white gold, platinum or palladium, or yellow gold.
I want to be modern and nontraditional and go for white gold, BUT yellow gold suits me better theres no denying it. I have very pale digits and white gold looks too hard on me. Oh hum!

I was thinking to go for a heart shape signet ring, but now I am liking the floral carved ring more and more!
I just don't know and soon we will be running out of time as usual, oh good grief, I just can't decide : (

the middle one here, used to be my favourite! But now maybe my mood just changes alot because I see wedding rings everyday.
Anyhow, other wedding stuff is all going to plan surprisingly! We now have some transportation between the two venues and even talking to my Mum about a cake! so not too bad all things considered.
We are off to the Isle of Wight tomorrow for the weekend, hope i can get to a beach between the football matches? I'll keep you posted!

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