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11 June 2010

Yes another market! We really should stop but in London there is a market on nearly every day of the week somewhere! Today we found this 1930s telephone, it is adapted with a modern fitting, when we got to the workshop we tried it, it rings beautifully and the other end can hear me but I can't hear them. I hope it is a simple problem to fix as i love it dearly and can't wait for someone to call me whilst I'm at my desk and I can put on my vintage BBC voice, please if anyone has any idea how to fix it please let me know!

it even has a handle so you can mooch from one room to the next in your silk lounging suit whilst smoking a cigarette, with red lipstick on...hang on a minute I'm slipping to my alter ego again, no I'm not Greta Garbo, I must keep telling myself that.
I like this too, a lovely wallet me thinks, yes please! and then I open it and it's a...

...cool chess set! I know, i know there are two pawns missing but I can make new ones right? It is neat and very old too.

before we went to Japan, I planted lots of heather into various pots, tea cups, sugar bowls and water jugs and they looked great in the shop. When we came back, some had died and others were doing well, how strange? Anyhow, today I took out the dead ones and replaced them with thyme that I bought in the market...hope it does better?! I will show you the rest of our plants and flowers soon hopefully next Friday I can post some photos of the new London shop.

Thank you all for your comments and ideas about wedding venues. I'm totally confused what to do and where. I think we really just want somewhere that we can have a big party, bring our own chairs, tables and marquee and organise our own food...seems that none of this is allowed in London. This leads us to look outside of London, but this brings even more problems! So I guess we will forget about it for a while and maybe something will just turn up!

Good luck England! {lets face it, you need it!}

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