10 June 2010

aquisitions and mergers

A lot happened today. We went to the market as usual, and bought lots of things as usual.
This sequin headdress is so old, maybe 1930s or older, it is amazing and I am looking forward to a time when I can actually wear it!

I bought some flowers for the shop too, white peonies, sweet Williams and a Bleeding Heart stem from our window box. Having flowers in the shop feels very nice indeed and I even want to buy some jewellery myself!

We also found these little chemistry glass domes, they came from a box full of old test tubes and bottles etc...
I liked them all dusty but for display I had to wash them.
The drawer they are sitting in, is a little printers cabinet for letterpress and such, with the name of the company it belonged to in Fleet Street which is just a few 100 yards from our shop!

I fell for lots of tiny bits and bobs, this ring was £3 and it fits me so I guess I'll keep it for myself!
That tiny enameled cup in so small you can hardly make out what it is!

These plates are the size of a biscuit! From the 1850s apparently.

I am going to use these tiny kitchenwares for displaying our smallest jewellery, they will make our diamonds look huge!

So we spent the rest of the day preparing our still not finished shop, and nearly have a new collection of jewellery too! I will be uploading all our new items to the RUST online shop as soon as I can get around to it.

We have also been trying to organise things for our wedding, but I have to say that it is such an ordeal that it puts me off the whole thing!

Firstly, it seems that in England and Wales, you can only get married in a building...dull.

Secondly, the list of buildings that you are allowed to use are mostly made up of hotels! They charge horrendous amounts just because they can, and you have to put up with all their naff furnishings and plastic flowers etc...even if its not your style...booo.

Thirdly, we can't even have a party in our meadow because the council have forbidden anyone from having a good time in it...useless!
 So, it seems like there is a 'no you can't' to all our ideas and now we have very few options left.

Oh sigh...I thought the new government wanted people to get married but they certainly don't make it very easy! So we are not sure now if it will be this year or next year, it all depends if we can find somewhere to have it which is not very romantic is it.

I shall keep my chin up though and concentrate on making (or altering I should say) a nice wedding dress to wear, which I shall probably be wearing in the pub by the way things are going!

How very miserable I am today...
but the world cup is coming, hooray!! I love it!


  1. You could always come to Scotland to get married! This site has loads of good unusual venues in London, don't know how pricey they are but might help you find a gem http://www.funkyvenues.com.

    This one looks pretty quirky http://www.funkyvenues.com/index.php/venues/for-hire-london-uk/cultural/millers-academy-of-arts-science

  2. Don't be sad - I'm sure it'll all work out. . . have you had a look into a humanist wedding? You can check it out the details here - there might be a way you can get married in a meadow yet! I hope this link helps.


  3. Oh, poor you. It's horrid thinking you have to compromise. Reading your post, I suddenly thought of this place (not sure how you feel about Devon though)
    It's the most weird and wonderfully quirky old fashioned (real vintage, not faux vintage) do-it-yourself place. The photos aren't great quality but it's beautiful. Might be worth a look...?

  4. Have you thought about doing the legal bit in a registry wedding, with only 3 or 4 other people- in an exciting unusal dress, or even fancy dress?! and then having a your own ceremony afterwards?

    We went to an AMAZING wedding last summer where they did this. They did the registry office bit seperately. Then we all gathered by the brides parents lake (yes, lake) and they read out their own vows (' these are the reasons i am your wife') and had their family members read/sing/recite stuff too. very moving and very them and very original and lovely too. and no weird pictures of people signing a book.

  5. Yes it is rather restricting. London is abominably expensive and so we looked further afield to my boy's home and looked across Northumberland. There are a few places which may give you what you want.

    The humanist idea is good but it isn't currently legally binding in E&W so you would have to go to a registry office too.

    How about http://stayinacastle.com/

    Also, just across the border there are some fabulous places.

    P.S. Gosh where on earth do you go to find such beauties? I really have no idea where to go in London (I promise I won't tell anyone!) Ax

  6. Yep come on up to Scotland, we'll find you a nice castle ruin with pretty grounds to party in ;)

  7. P.S. My soon to be sister married in a humanist ceremony in a old abbey ruin across the border in the rain and cold last February and it was beautiful.

  8. I love miniature tea set! I'm sure everything will work out. I think more people are doing a registry office ceremony for the official part and then moving on somewhere else and having a wonderful party/reception.

  9. Ooh come up to the cotswolds - we have some amazing places!

  10. Oh boo to the wedding stuff! But love the mini kitchenware!
    I'm sure you'll work it out & your wedding will be beautiful. X

  11. It's so annoying trying to do your own thing in England, isn't it? It's either stiff and formal and/or prohibitively expensive. I would thoroughly recommend doing the formal 'marriage' bit at a registry office with your family in advance, and then just find somewhere fabulous to throw a great party (maybe including a little ceremony of your own making). Good luck! (Oh, and, amazing buys again!)

  12. congratulations on your engagement! I've got my heart set on whitstable castle in kent for ours - you get exclusive use of the ground after dusk and you're not tied in to any caterers.


    we will of course be coming to RUST for our rings as soon as we have the money saved for all this!

  13. Friends of ours had the usual registry office ceremony but also had a humanist ceremony at Castlerigg stone circle in the Lake District. Beautiful and very atmospheric (even though it did rain for much of the ceremony!).

  14. Hello!

    So sorry to hear about you're wedding dilemmas! We got married at Painswick Rococo Gardens in Gloucestershire in one of their follies called The Red House. They did all the official bits inside the little building and then did the rest of the ceremony outside-it was a great compromise and so beautiful! I know it's not exactly close to you, but maybe there is somewhere similar close by?

    I hope this helps! Good luck!
    Soph XXX

  15. Thank you so much for all your ideas!

    We are not to bothered about the ceromony part...but finding a space in London to hold your own party in is virtually impossible unless you know someone who has a big ol'garden, or you can spend at least £3000 just on the venue, which we don't!

    Luckily the registery office in our borough is a nice georgian building, but finding somewhere for the party after is our biggest problem.

    Also we were thinking to do it this summer, but even the registery office is choca already for this summer!

    Booo! I'm sure we will work something out in the end though
    I keep yous posted X

  16. Anonymous11.6.10


    Might be some ideas on here. Sadly UK is rubbish at anything other than fairly traditional wed venues, and those that are lovely are generally expensive.
    We went to NY and got married (under $50) and the whole trip under £1000.00 mind you a few years ago now.
    If you get married in a nice registry office, trust me the ceremony goes in a flash and the reception is the really memorable bit!!!

  17. Oh I hope you find somewhere lovely. I know there are some castles around.
    At least the gov. have relaxed a little. Once upon a time marriages had to take place either in church or registry office. And heaven help you (haha) if you wanted to marry outside your parish. Licences were needed and special permission.
    I'm sure you'll find somewhere lovely and romantic. Don't worry. xx

  18. Love the Bleeding Hearts, such a fabulously gothic name for such a pretty flower. Good luck with venue hunting, such a shame you can't party in the meadow, your pics of it are always so stunning.

  19. You find the most incredible stuff. I only wish I could get me to one of those amazing markets sometime soon - I am drooling at all your finds. :)

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