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6 June 2010

First off, again, thank you all so much for voting for my shed for the 'Shed of the year' competition...fingers crossed I get to the final round, I can't think of anything better than being the owner of shed of the year...well, except getting married of course!!

We are currently deciding on a date for the big day, and we'd both like it to be quite soon, so we are now scribbling down some ideas and will have to start ringing around some venues for the ceremony (I'm sure they are all booked up for this year but it's worth a try!) otherwise we may have to think of some other places to wed.

I have a huge collection of vintage dress and some of which are old wedding dresses, so I'm thinking to wear one of those if I can decide which one! None of them are perfect, a few holes etc... but I don't care, I can't bring myself to spend a lot of money on a dress I can only wear once!

So, I've been in my shed, digging out all the bits and pieces I've collected over the years, and I thought I'd start pinning some ideas to my mannequin head to make a hat. I like a few headdresses from this magazine (amazingly quite cool stuff in the cheesy 'You & Your Wedding' magazing!).

I still need to buy some more weddingy type bits to make a proper hat, but I had a go with what I had like off cuts from satin dresses, old brooches and feathers etc...it's really good fun to mess around. 

This lady looks great in this hat but not sure how it would look on me so a bit more experimenting is needed I think!

I shouldn't show you all what ideas I came up with as it may spoil the overall effect! But, you my not have to wait that long to see may extravagant head wear!!

p.s. I won't bore you too much with wedding related posts, but if anyone has any good ideas for saving money and having a home-made wedding, I'd be glad to hear from you!! X

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