6 June 2010

...and so it begins...

First off, again, thank you all so much for voting for my shed for the 'Shed of the year' competition...fingers crossed I get to the final round, I can't think of anything better than being the owner of shed of the year...well, except getting married of course!!

We are currently deciding on a date for the big day, and we'd both like it to be quite soon, so we are now scribbling down some ideas and will have to start ringing around some venues for the ceremony (I'm sure they are all booked up for this year but it's worth a try!) otherwise we may have to think of some other places to wed.

I have a huge collection of vintage dress and some of which are old wedding dresses, so I'm thinking to wear one of those if I can decide which one! None of them are perfect, a few holes etc... but I don't care, I can't bring myself to spend a lot of money on a dress I can only wear once!

So, I've been in my shed, digging out all the bits and pieces I've collected over the years, and I thought I'd start pinning some ideas to my mannequin head to make a hat. I like a few headdresses from this magazine (amazingly quite cool stuff in the cheesy 'You & Your Wedding' magazing!).

I still need to buy some more weddingy type bits to make a proper hat, but I had a go with what I had like off cuts from satin dresses, old brooches and feathers etc...it's really good fun to mess around. 

This lady looks great in this hat but not sure how it would look on me so a bit more experimenting is needed I think!

I shouldn't show you all what ideas I came up with as it may spoil the overall effect! But, you my not have to wait that long to see may extravagant head wear!!

p.s. I won't bore you too much with wedding related posts, but if anyone has any good ideas for saving money and having a home-made wedding, I'd be glad to hear from you!! X


  1. Can't wait to see the final product :) Congratulations on your engagement!

  2. Goodness me, so excited! I had a low budget wedding, its definitely do-able. Its all about asking everybody to get involved (pull lots of favours!) and doing it all in house with simple food.(we had a barbeque, cooked by one of my dads chef friends. was delicious and very budget friendly) You'll surely save a packet if you wear one of the dresses you already own? Does Nao have a suit? Maybe you could dye it or alter it rather than buying a whole new one.

    Doesn't your house back on to a meadow? Could you have it out there? Although im presuming a summer wedding with that suggestion, and i have a feeling it will be sooner than that...?!

  3. Low-budget weddings are soo much easier on bride & guest! Bunting looks pretty as a replacement to massively-expensive and flown-in floral arrangements. Make your own cake, or persuade someone who likes to bake to do it. Favours are just weird: surely inviting and feeding people is enough of a favour? But, bowing to family pressure: we went for cones of confetti from the real flower confetti company in worcs., and mini lavender plants.
    Champagne overrated - try pimms and elderflower cordial.
    Wow. Didn't mean to go on That much - enjoy the planning and go with your own instinct! Don't be swayed, you'll only find it irritating on the day itself!

  4. Yep, have to agree with Tonia about champagne. We had some for toasts (mostly to satisfy the parentals), but the Pimms went down much better! We also didn't have favours, and used fabric instead of flowers wherever poss.

    Ok im gona shut up now.

  5. OOOOH, Exciting!

    My wedding was quite low budget too. We got married on a Thursday, meaning the venue was available and almost half the price of a weekend wedding. Family pitched in, we used lots of vintage jewellery, both for the girls and I, and on my cake. Our centerpieces were glass candelabra which were £3 when au natural closed(we still have 9 of them plus 3 individual candlesticks)! Husband's parents drove me to the venue, saving alot of money on car hire.

    Good luck with it!! x

  6. oooh - wedding pots - love them! there is a good website called Style Me Pretty - it has lots of DIY wedding ideas. ck :) x

  7. I saw a lovely picture in a magazine, where they had tied origami-papers around a bunch of ordinary glassbottles to create flower vases. They tied them with thin yarn, it was so beautiful. They placed one flower in each bottle and it created an illusion of lots and lots of flowers.

    I also saw an image of a set table at a wedding, where they had filled Ikea Vasen-vases with sweets...decided to look up the images as I remember I also liked the fruits and cakes seen in the pics.
    Ok, here´s a link:
    It´s from the wedding of blogger Evie George % and in pics DSC-3281, DSC-3690 and DSC-3698 you can see the beautiful servings.

  8. Sorry, first image is supposed to be DSC-3481

  9. Anonymous6.6.10

    Hi - this site has DIY and not so DIY weddings - but some lovely ideas, although I'm not sure about where the ring bearer keeps the rings in the circus wedding!! :



  10. I love that idea of a wedding in your meadow! With english weather being what it is, precautions like a marquee would be a good idea!
    You could also make your own invitations? Artemis style! xox

  11. Oh congratulations artemis. I pop away for a wee while and come back to this wonderful news. just brilliant! And your shed will now have to be called the 'wedding shed' where all sorts of deliciousness and fripperies will be created. I'm looking forward to seeing it all. Love to you both.L x

  12. We did a fairly simple, low budget wedding too and it's so much nicer - makes the day about you and not all the fuss and stress of the event.

    If you want ideas for a low-budget wedding - this two-part post really inspired me on the 'oncewed' blog: http://www.oncewed.com/28113/wedding-blog/real-weddings/a-diy-michigan-wedding/

    Simple, but elegant too.
    I'm intrigued by your very creative, diy approach! Keep us posted on the progress!

  13. Very exciting! I cant wait to see what amazing things you come up with! More wedding posts, I say!!

  14. I'm sure whatever you decide it will be fabulous - can't wait to see :)

  15. I also had a low budget wedding.We chose New years eve as our date and I made my long orange silk velvet coat instead of a traditional dress. Rather than a bouquet I had a hand muffler which I made out of fake fur and my husband who is jewish wore a kilt.
    We had the reception in my parents in laws house and all the guests brought a plate of food. We provided all the cava (cheaper and nicer sparkling wine).
    We didn't want a church wedding so we got married in a registry office and my dad hired a double decker London bus to take everyone to and from the registry office. It was fab!

  16. I went to a wedding where the place settings at the tables were just pebbles from the beach with the names painted on. I kept mine as I thought it was such a nice idea. Nice little memento, and free!

  17. I'm late, but congratulations. It must be the best feeling in the world to be proposed to by the one you love. I have a massive grin on my face because I'm always so happy to hear of stories like yours!

    I honestly think planning a low budget, eco wedding is more exciting than the overpriced occasions that everyone else has zzzzz. And you get to work on your own dress and accessories, I can't think of anything more special!

    I was looking at this website: http://offbeatbride.com/ a while ago and it has loads of inspiration.

  18. I'm also late on the congratulations! Your ring is simply beautiful. I love the idea of a simple low-budget wedding - I'll be following your journey to being a Mrs!

  19. Heleno8.6.10

    My sister's getting married this year, and we're doing lots of cost-saving things: origami cranes instead of flowers in the church and at the reception; bouquets made of paper flowers from the cover of Mills & Boon novels (us bridesmaids)and old junkshop flower brooches (her).

    Another mate had a surprise wedding, and just invited people along two days before to a buffet lunch after a small family wedding. Ended up in the pub, was absolutely lovely, and the net cost was about £200.