10 May 2010

so 1963

I took these photos with my 1963 Halina {see here!} and it took me ages to get around to developing them & scanning, but finally here they are!

they are just a few snaps to see if the camera still works, it is a bit wierd to use, but I love the muted colours and grainy texture!

my desk at home. I like the way that even out of focus, it has such a nice feeling that you just don't get with digital photos, I know its a cliche!

Dulwich park a la 1963!
so now I know that the camera works, I'm going to take some more serious photos actually in focus!
Can't wait!!


  1. Wow those pictures are amazing. I have an old vintage camera in amongst my coveted bits and peices, but don't have a clue how to get it working. You've inspired me to investigate further.

  2. Such a great mood for the photos. Love the one of Nao.

  3. What beautiful photos. They look so cosy, and the way it mutes the colours a bit is beautiful. Analogue cameras for the win!

  4. I love the look of these! What film did you use? :)

  5. Amazing pics! I love them!

  6. These photos are so pretty! I wish that I had a camera that would take photos like this.

  7. Lovely atmosphere in these photos!

  8. Wow - it's like going back in time at the click of a button! Very cool indeed.

  9. Hello Artemis!

    Thanks for becoming my very first blog follower!! I can't work out how to message from my blog (I'm technically very talented), hence the message here instead.


    PS. And I love the oldy-woldy grainyness of your pics here.

  10. Beautiful and stunning pictures. How do you get them to look so old? Are you using an old camera - or just clever 21st century technology?

    Best ;-)


  11. Houdini...

    I used a 1963 camera and normal fujifilm 35mm from boots and developed by boots.
    I just scanned them and used no digital effects at all.

    I don't really why but it is the camera that gives the old colour and texture.
    Strange! Buy an old camera and give it a go, its good fun!

  12. Beautiful photos!



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