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2 May 2010

This weekend we have been working still on the new RUST jewellery workshop, so much to do... organising security, getting lights working, assembling & painting cabinets, up-holstering furniture and so forth! It seems the list is endless, yet we were meant to open next week! I think it may take yet another week at least before we can open up again. Oh well, today we had a bit of rest at home...although I had to make some decorations for the shop. We are doing a bit of Liberty's print theme in our show room, so to go with this I made a cushion for a chair {to be revealed shortly!}...using two of my favourite prints!

What a rainy weekend in London eh? but at least the plants are enjoying it! But my pictures came out a bit fuzzy :(
...I also made up some more fabric strips to use for our jewellery.

...and then, I had the notion to make some shoe laces for my favourite shoes!

the brogues are from Kate Kanzier and the plimsolls are from Primark (£2) I live in these!
Me and Nao have been to Liberty's many times lately, buying more and more fabric and other goodies to give away as presents at our Tokyo shop. Whilst we were in the fabric department, we saw a lovely display using embroidery hoops hanging from the ceiling, and we thought that our jewellery would look lovely hanging on these in our shop. So I made up these, the little ones will have earrings hanging on them and the bigger ones will have necklaces etc...

I'm thinking that they are very photogenic and look beautiful in the window with the sun shining through. {actually it was quite dark by the time I made these so there's not much sun!}

I also made some little lavender bags for Tokyo shop and I shall hopefully be making some bunting for London shop tomorrow morning. Oh blimey I am so tired, I even have cramp in my finger tips...it is the upholstery that really took it out of me the most, which is surprising considering the amount of furniture i have been heaving about lately! 

I'm excited to show you all the chair I have been upholstering too, but I just need to buy some special studs to put the gimp on {trim that goes over the nails} but it's bank holiday and the shops will be shut tomorrow...so Tuesday hopefully it will all be done and I can show you it in all it's completeness! 

Also, my first knitted scarf is coming on a treat, I have made it entirely on the bus to and from work...even coming home at 10.30pm, I'm quite proud actually!

So, until next time...here is a lovely blog I found lately called Krims Krams, I'm especially jealous of her beautiful sewing boxes...I have been looking for one for ages! Go see...

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