it's coming!!

15 May 2010

the shop is coming!
 Our biggest project yet, to move our previous workshop, shop and separate office into one premises was a little more work than we had anticipated, also just working on it evenings and weekends due to our regular work loads, it has taken us two and half months! Good lord, we had better start making some business soon that's for sure. So without further ado, we hear by announce the shop opening on...

3rd June 2010

I do hope you all can pop over and say hello! You are all welcome and will be lovely to meet a few words & pictures friends!
We are both off to Japan next Thursday so all will be a bit quite on the blogging front. Our trip will include going to a wedding and me wearing a kimono, the full works! There is no getting out of this.
Photographic evidence I'm sure will be provided.

Till then, then...


p.s. go to Brunswick House, it's AMAZING
 {i had some photos to post but i keep forgetting to bring my memory card adaptor to work, booo!}

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