bank holiday sewings

3 May 2010

We were mean't to go to work today to finish the renovations on the new workshop, however when awaking this morning, i found myself to be somehow stuck into the bed with super glue. A day off was required!
I cured my guilt by spending the whole day making more decorations for the shop instead. We made two strings of bunting to brighten up the grimy approach to our new shop {its at the back of many jewellery workshops so it is fairly disgusting to look at!}. i made a little one, and a bigger version, all from liberty's fabric of course!


these are the ring boxes we use for our customers wedding rings, they are made from real beech wood, but the inside is not that nice. So we re-lined them! only two so far but some more to come. We are going to put our Rust labels inside too.

so, that turned out to be a very nice shed-making day, {hence the outfit was not meant to be viewed by the public} it was sunny then stormy then sunny again! The meadow is looking spectacular and my dream came true of picking swathes of cow parsley for our kitchen table! It's more countryside than the countryside is, here in South East London!

by the way, we spotted the woodpecker! It is beautiful! There may be more than one I suppose but I like to think it is the same one, it is black, white and bright a tropical bird! I took a photo, but I have lost it somewhere, it was very blurry but you could see it at least. I will find it and post it soon!

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