1 April 2010

what we bought...in the rainy market

So as promised, here are some photos of some of the furniture we came back with yesterday. This old bench is well gnarly and rusty, I love it! We wanted a little place to sit and read, and look out of the window, as the view is delightful! {I call it the love bench, ...Yuck, snigger snigger!}

I love the way it is so gnashed up, small fingers beware though!!

I think it would look much better without so many books and suitcases stuffed underneath, so these may have to find a new home somewhere else.

...and, the famous pea green kitchen table, that we bought twice!! {see post below for explanation!}
by-the-way, that is a toy mouse, not a dead rat on the floor.

The top is lovely and smooth, they said it was made of Poplar which quite common in France.
Although it is a modest shade of green, we are thinking to repaint it soon, as the colour doesn't quite work in our kitchen/study/living room.

It is the perfect size though, and this drawer is really handy for our midget flat.

Totally forgot that we bought this beautiful old sheet music, some of which is hand written!
We are going to line some display cases with it at the RUST studio soon.

We also found two of these Ercol chairs to add to our collection, and a nice stool which i might use in the shed.

I don't think Plimsoll is too impressed with the new furniture, it just provides more obstacles between her and her dinner bowl.


  1. Love the table - still think you got a bargain - even at the higher price!

  2. Re the bench - also beware when you're wearing tights!

    That table was so worth it though...

  3. Yes it does need a little, er, sanding!

  4. I love chunky old battered furniture, but it is hell on tights! Quite like the suitcases and books underneath too, it looks cosy and comfortably cluttered.

  5. ohhh that green table is fantastic, absolutely worth buying it twice.

  6. wow, all looks great as usual. and yes, i have wrecked several pairs of tights on my kitchen table's rough underside. but maybe when you're cuddling up on the love bench you'll be more suitably attired?

  7. I thought that exact same thing about the tights! I think the bench looks ace with the suitcases and books underneath, a good storage solution. And I love the kitchen table, an excellent find.

  8. You have amazing style my lady! Just a perfect little house :)