12 April 2010

wet grass

'Wow!' is what I have been saying every morning since moving to our new flat. We have this meadow in our back garden which is between us and the old cemetery. We are allowed to use it...and it is stunning!
It is SO rare to find untamed green space right here in London, we feel very lucky everyday!

I rushed out with my camera yesterday morning and took a few snaps, I love these dew drops, they look like little aliens! The grass is growing quite long now, and I am praying that no-one comes and cuts it, I have spotted a few of my favourite wild flowers coming up, and tons of chives growing wild like a carpet, very odd, but great for a potato salad pick-nick! 

if you look REALLY closely, you might be able to spot my camera inside the water droplet!! 
As I get old (now 32 yikes!) I am becoming much more observant and get a real kick out of these small tricks of nature! I don't know why that is? Hmm ponder....ponder....

this one looks like it turned around to say hello to me...it's trying to communicate with me!!
{too much red wine before bed, or too much time in the shed maybe?}

this one is ready to roll down that slide!


I'm sure there will be plenty more meadow photos as the summer rolls on!

Also, I'd really like to thank everyone for their lovely comments over the last few days...I'm so glad you all liked my shed and I heartily advise everyone to get a shed...it just like being a kid again!
and, a big hello to all the new followers, I'm astonished to have over 200, I have to pinch myself, I really can't believe so many people are reading my blog...it's brill! 

{p.s. for those who sometimes ask me: I took most of these with my little compact sony cybershot dcs-t77 it has a great macro setting, and two pictures were taken with our works slr olympus e-400, a cheap but really good camera by the way!}


  1. Beautiful photos!
    I am thoroughly enjoying nosing into your shed :)
    Hello to Peckham which is where I came into the world :)
    Best wishes

  2. A shed and a meadow! You are lucky, What next? Chickens, fresh eggs.....
    I'm envious in SW9

  3. These are quite gorgeous, you are very lucky indeed. I can't wait to have a little grassy patch of my own someday. :)

    Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.com

  4. What gorgeous photos!

  5. like the commercial says "because you're worth it" !

    thank you for these wonderful photos are all I needed after a bad hair day ;P did you shoot with a macro lens ? investigating because I want to buy one...

  6. those are stunning photos artemis, absolutely amazing.

  7. Really beautiful photos, so glad to hear you're enjoying your new pad! x

  8. Hahaha "this one is saying hello to me" I totally get what you mean! I'm really sensitive to nature too, it's the little things (like dew drops) that can lift my spirits and put me in a good mood for the rest of the day (don't mean to sound eco hippy)!

    You absolutely deserve to have hundreds and thousands of followers! Your blog is beautiful and so well-written.

    Fay x

  9. Hi again Artemis. What beautiful photos. I'm not surprised you've got so many followers your blog is beautiful. Thanks for your message on my blog, I have now done a post about our wedding and Nao's rings. Do pop by and have a read. TAke care. Aoife x

  10. Stunning photos!
    I do love your shed. I have shed envy.
    Sue x

  11. I am in awe of you skillz. I am working very hard on photography, but I don't have anything even close to these!

  12. Ooo like these pics, very ethereal...they'd be perfect on notelets. Jxxx

  13. What brilliant photos! You have just inspired me to buy a camera and give photography a go....no, really! I really enjoy your reading your blog, it really cheers me up, so thanks for that Artemis :-)

  14. Hello,
    I've only just found your blog this morning and I'm oh so happy that I have! have spent the last half hour oohing and ahing at your lovely photos and am v.v. jealous of your meadow.
    The pics in this post in particular are really great, so inspiring in fact that I'm off outside now to try and force my little point and shoot to replicate them!
    Keep in up :)